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Tip! Tip! Horrraayyy!

There’s controversy going around that restaurants should ban tipping! I have to say, I am against this! I might be slightly bias but, for the short period of time that I have been a server, I have had the pleasure of knowing the feeling of absolute gratitude for an amazing tipper and the despair of a bad one. 225 more words


Wayward Fashion of Hope

A candle stands against
The impending storm
And raises its flickering light in contrast
To the coming darkness.

It is through the leaping flame
That the light gains its brilliance… 74 more words


Lights Out

Recently our power went out three Saturdays in a row. Life as we know it ceases to exist. Everyone panics and prays for it to be a quick break in the power line and hopes it will come right back on. 367 more words


Communication is key!

Although some customers might view those who work in the food industry as their peasant servant, remember one thing…at the end of the day, the overall quality of your dining experience relies on them. 366 more words


Ink & Candlelight

So sorry to all those that have decided to follow me thus far. I guess I just haven’t realized how inactive I’ve been on here. I had a good spurt of creativity in the beginning of February that seemed to dry up long before I was ready for it to leave. 341 more words


Candlelight~ by me

She was broken up to pieces
Like broken glass
She couldnt ever be fixed
To the way she was
But there was a beauty
That shone through her… 18 more words

Red sky in the morning.....

I may not make much (read: any) money from athletics, but there are certain perks to it. I get to meet cool people, I spend every day doing something that I love, oh yeah, and theres the travelling. 1,127 more words

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