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Wane, wax

If you think about it …. candles in jars are creepy. The candle is destined to commit suicide in it’s own wax. *face of horror*


Chocolate Orange and Roses!

Not the edible kind I’m afraid people. The candle kind. My friend and I had fun last night candle making. So batch one is complete, and boy it made the house smell LUSH!!!! 86 more words

A Not-So-Traditional Christmas

So Christmas is coming up, and between those busy days that we at Nottingham Interiors are designing and installing kitchens we’re looking around for our advent calendars. 489 more words


Holiday Craft Fairs Are Finally Here!

We did so many craft fairs and farmers’ markets this year! Lucky for us, the weather was agreeable for just about everyone. And even if it wasn’t, we loved meeting people and seeing their reactions when they smelled our soaps and candles. 178 more words


Sons of Fire

Sons of Fire light the skies at night,
Brave, Free, and True
Love and Truth have become as legends foretold in the days before time! 15 more words