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Rules for a dinner party

I bloody love a dinner party. Can there be anything more fun than having all your favourite people in one place with food you love and drinks a-flowing? 738 more words


Travel the World with Gold Canyon

Before I started my Gold Canyon business, I had never left the United States. I always dreamed of touring Europe, discovering the islands of the pacific and maybe even taking a glance “down under”, but those were just dreams. 298 more words


Bath & Body Works Haul!

Recently, I went to Bath & Body Works and added some new items to my collection. I will provide descriptions of the scents and a link to where you can buy them online. 285 more words

April 17 - BBW

Noooo….not Big Beautiful Women (Mindy Project anyone?….Bueller?)…Bath and Body Works…

I am obsessed with Bath and Body Works…it’s quite sad…

The one thing I truly have an obsession for is their candles.   196 more words


Weekly Writing Challenge: Time for Poetry

Weekly Writing Challenge: Time for Poetry

Place of Solace

High winds challenge the beams
Drafts that succumb the seams
Candles dance, sway and flicker
Sunlight appears as glitter… 47 more words


THURSDAY: What is Beeswax?

17 April 2014


As the name suggests, beeswax is a type of wax made by honey bees in their hive.   The “wax” starts out as a glandular secretion of the worker honey bees, which is colorless and clear as glass.    217 more words