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October haul from Candy Store.

Now this was a very well-timed delivery! That Coffee-mate was supposed to be Pumpkin Spice but apparently they only have it in stock before Christmas. That bag of Reese’s is going to be a huge problem, though… they’re my favourite and I completely lack self control when it comes to them. :P



Crazy for Candy Corn!

Now while you may not be crazy about the flavor or texture of candy corn, most of us can agree it is the perfect ombre color palette inspiration for Halloween!   109 more words

The Velvet Devil Merlot 2012

This isn’t necessarily what I would call a varietal wine, because it isn’t true to the Merlot grape, but it is a delicious side note to an evening. 64 more words

Wine Reviews

Candy Corn Sugar Cookie Bars

Baking disasters. They are the absolute worse.  Almost nothing makes me grouchier. As I see it, there are two kinds of baking disasters: Those of epic proportions (like a cheesecake that cost $30 to make and then doesn’t turn out, a Pyrex bowl full of hot lemon curd actually exploding all over your kitchen, or accidentally leaving the sugar out of a pumpkin pie,) and then there are mini-baking disasters.   523 more words


October's Planetary Activity -- Full Moon Lunar Eclipse -- October 8, 2014

October may prove to be a very spirited month because Retrograde Mercury will start on the 4th in the sign Scorpio and will last through the 25th in the sign Libra, having sway on our day-to-day activities. 734 more words

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September Favorites

Good Morning!

Wow…September has gone by fast.

But what a fun month!

Here are some of my fave things that happened this month… 273 more words