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Ok, these are seriously my new favorite sour candy.   They are NOT extremely sour.  They are instantly sour/tart and then get sweet.    They have a great chewy texture-  softer and easier to chew than most “gummie” candies.   84 more words

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and……we’re back with more of that Sour Patch Kids Gum…this time in LIME.

Actually this gum ain’t too shabby.  It’s kinda like Mountain Dew or Gatorade combo taste – so I kinda dig it. 17 more words


WARHEADS Sour Chewy Cubes

To call these SOUR is a gross over-exaggeration.   I, at no point in time, had any fear for my life or that of my taste buds.     43 more words

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HUBBA BUBBA - Hawaiian Punch

This.  is.  GENIUS.   Just the SMELL of this gum alone is worth the purchase.   It has that distinct “Hawaiian-Punch-Fruity” smell and instantly gets you craving the gum. 109 more words


STRIDE Sour Patch Kids Redberry Gum

Okay, Sour Patch Kids are on a quest to take over the world.  They have pretty much cornered the “sour” candy market and have now set their sights on gum. 66 more words

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PHOTON sounds a hellofalot cooler than “pineapple” – which is what the flavor of this gum is.

As a rule, I have enjoyed pretty much all the FIVE gums but the simplicity of this one – just pineapple – is mild and tasty and damn…this pack is just about gone already. 10 more words

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BUTTERFINGER Peanut Butter Cups

HEY…Your Butterfinger got into my peanut butter cups!!!
NO…your peanut butter cups got into my Butterfinger!!!!

And now you get how these were probably created.   They are slightly square-and-not-round-so-not-to-remind-you-of-another-peanut-butter-cup…..   39 more words

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