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One Less Problem Without You

The problem with the world today is quite obvious. However, we, well the guys in charge try their best to avoid the topic. This thing they do is called denial. 1,186 more words


The "I'm playing this game on the toilet" Award

Mobile gaming has become an ever growing part of the video game industry, with behemoths such as Angry Birds or Candy Crush we can play games where ever we go, on the train to work, in a doctors waiting room, or as most of us do on the toilet. 226 more words

Video Games

Tuesday Ten

This week’s gratitude:

10. Great new hip hop number for Stinkerbell’s dance team

9. Yummy dinner at Moe’s

8. Laughing with friends at work

7. Finishing my Christmas shopping… 35 more words


Five phrases to avoid for new business in 2015

Even if you’re sitting in a long meeting and playing Candy Crush right now, there’s no escaping it’s that time of year. And although I’ve not seen any yet, they’re bound to be coming: all those five predictions this and ten predictions that for 2015. 638 more words

New Business

Life According To Candy Crush

Way back before we could play games by holding devices in our hands, there was Pac Man and Space Invaders. I loved them but my play time was limited to my access to machines and number of quarters in my pocket. 371 more words


Remember These Numbers

It’s a known fact that I play only four games on my iPad: Candy Crush, Farm Heroes, Candy Crush Soda and Zookeeper Battle. Now remember these levels for all mentioned except Zookeeper, they are just so darn hard to pass – Level 751, Level 597 and Level 90 respectively. 33 more words