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Lifesavers Gummi Collisions: Next Time, Wear a Helmet

Lifesavers Gummies seemed like the greatest idea ever when I first saw them. Being a fan of the original Lifesavers, my primary complaint against them was that as these hard candies shrunk in the mouth, their edges sharpened. 421 more words

The End of the Rainbow

Original Skittles seem an odd choice for a starting review. They won’t get me the indie cred of some more obscure candy, but I feel it important to know where we come from before venturing into that vast, semi-sweet unknown. 841 more words

Watapachi grape popping candy floss

I am not a foodie but I have the urge to review this candy (as you can see the number of food posts in this blog is close to zero). 170 more words