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Got a Dog that Squints?

A number of small breed dogs develop a bit of a squint and it can signal anything from an eye infection to a more dangerous condition called dry eye.   358 more words



Winning Tricks of Protandim ~ http://masterhealerinc.ml

Protandim stimulates the body’s organic capability to decrease age-related signs or symptoms on the cellular level. Protandim decreases oxidative stress in men and women by an average of 40 percent in 30 days and causes Nrf2 to communicate with your DNA to bring a biochemical wake-up call to your genes. 10 more words

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Review: Pooch & Mutt's Bionic Biotic supplement powder

I was recently given the opportunity to try a three-week trial of Pooch & Mutt’s Bionic Biotic supplement powder. Wheat free, 100% natural and with an ethical award to its name, Bionic Biotic has been developed to promote healthy skin (no itching or redness) and solid stools. 314 more words

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Mr. Licks-A-Lot

   Do you live with a Mr. Licks-A-Lot?

You know what I mean – a dog who, for reasons that he is not readily sharing, will suddenly and obsessively begin to lick the floor, the couch, the wall?  838 more words


Collar or Harness for Walking?

There are many different collars and harnesses on the market.  My preference is the Freedom Harness.  I used and recommended the Easy Walk Harness until I discovered the Freedom which has a velvet belly strap instead of nylon and does not irritate Max’s skin.  649 more words


Friday Fact - Feeding Large Breed Puppies

Some people may think the only difference between “Small Breed Puppy Food” and “Large Breed Puppy Food” is the size of the kibble.  Actually, they are very different.  70 more words


Police warns owners after North London dog poisonings

Police in North London are urging dog owners to be vigilant following a spate of dog poisoning in the local area.

Warnings have also been released by RSPCA in Brent after three dogs died and four were taken ill since the beginning of 2014. 131 more words

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