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Restricted Lifestyle? No Problem! Canine Hydrotherapy Might Be Right For You!

This week’s article is all about alternative medicine and exercise plans for canines. Specifically, I thought we’d take a look at hydrotherapy. What is dog hydrotherapy? 762 more words

Canine Socialization, Behaviour, And Environmental Enrichment

Nose to tail Product Review: Improving Intelligence In Your Pup, and Preventing Age-Related Cognitive Dysfunction in senior dogs

If you’re like me, you are always on the lookout for new and creative ways to entertain and enrich the lives of our canines. You know who you are… if there’s a new toy at the pet store, you’re all over it! 467 more words

Set Up For Success

Neem Oil for dogs

Over the years since we joined Gandalf’s  pack…see header photo on this page :-) we have used neem oil when he gets red heat spots and have had some success with this…. 44 more words

Canine Health

Help Your Dog Beat Allergies

Is your dog itching non-stop or suffering from dry skin, fur loss or irritated eyes? It could be allergies. Dr. Andrea Tu of Park East Animal Hospital… 19 more words


Club Spotlight: Ox Ridge Kennel Club

The Ox Ridge Kennel Club (ORKC) of Darien, CT recently co-sponsored a canine health clinic with the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA). Organizer Jane Wooding and many volunteers from ORKC and Bethel Village Square Animal Hospital welcomed all breeds to the annual clinic, offering eye exams, heartworm tests, the SNAP test (which detects heartworm and Lyme Disease, among other things), BAER hearing testing, thyroid tests and Optigen 20/20. 193 more words

AKC Kennel Club

AKC’s AVMA Liaison Joseph H. Kinnarney, DVM, MS, elected president-elect of AVMA

A big congratulations to Joseph H. Kinnarney, DVM, MS – AKC’s liaison to the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) – on being elected president-elect of the AVMA! 40 more words