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As Turkey Day Approaches...

You might be wondering whether you can feed your dog a Thanksgiving meal.

You bet! Just do it the right way.

Remember the #WNTF list: 307 more words


Off the Leash with JR - he is back!

Our clients’ tails – The Leash is Yours!

Approximately four years ago our dog, JR could not walk or even stand due to a bad back.  229 more words

Canine Rehabilitation

This Wart is Bananas!

Hey, guess what.

The inside of a banana peel will make your dog’s paw wart go away.

Not kidding.

I did some research the other week to see what might enable us to (once again) avoid surgery. 405 more words


Dog Hiccups

By Nan Talleno

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) - Here’s something you may not know: your dog can get a case of the hiccups just like we do with similar sounds as well. 188 more words

Watch + Listen

Minimizing Canine Anxiety: Steps to Take and Products to Try

In an ideal world, canines would be raised in positive, enriched environments that are free from fear and punishment, where their interactions within the community (both canine and human) are constructive and educational. 1,129 more words

Canine Socialization, Behaviour, And Environmental Enrichment


The other day, my friend, Alison, posted a question on this blog. (Calling you out, Alison. HOLla!).

Actually, she posed 2 in the same comment, and both were great. 465 more words


Pugs & their Paws: A splinter's tale. #SMH

Since starting down our HOListic road, I’ve realized how quickly I run to my vet for every little thing. If I took the time to gain a little bit of knowledge of my own, perhaps I could address some problems at home. 508 more words