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I heart craigslist, part 2

You probably thought I had forgotten about this, too, huh? Never fear! It was just waiting in the wings.

In part 1, I showed you our table’s amazing transformation and noted at the end the hodge-podge of chairs around it. 1,136 more words

Miscellaneous Crafts

Mt. Ashby Academy - Part 2

The plan made perfect sense as Alex explained it. Just because Colleen had never taken a caning doesn’t mean she couldn’t dish one out. It was a fine line, her secretary administering punishments to students but under her supervision. 1,654 more words

My Great Californian Spanking Adventure Part 2: Whipped in Wine Country

After exploring Haight Ashbury, we drove North to the Napa Valley, with me wriggling in my seat with a very warm bottom! The best was yet to come, however, as when we arrived in Wine Country, George produced a bag full of the biggest selection of implements, all of which he promised would be used on my bottom! 82 more words


My Great Californian Spanking Adventure Part 1: Alcatraz Anticipation

I’ve just returned from San Francisco, where I had one of my most exciting spanking adventures so far! I flew out to meet a good spanking friend of mine (we shall call him George!) and over the course of 7 days my bottom was reddened in many different locations and with many different implements! 93 more words


Work Hard, Play Harder

After many months of tolerating the idea of a mediocre website, I finally put my demi-royal self to work today and handcrafted a brand new website. 69 more words

Mt. Ashby Academy - Part 1

As she strode briskly across campus, Alex Tao was frustrated that the pressures of the morning did not slide off of her as easily as she would have liked. 2,461 more words