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Mt. Ashby Academy - Part 1

As she strode briskly across campus, Alex Tao was frustrated that the pressures of the morning did not slide off of her as easily as she would have liked. 2,461 more words

Flying High

I held a spanking party last night at Canary Wharf, and what a party it was! Nikita and I began the evening dressed as air hostesses, but as it was so warm we soon stripped down to our lingerie! 73 more words


What is judicial caning?


We share this video on our website not because we delight in filling your screens with gore, but because it is important for us to understand what is actually involved when we talk about judicial caning. 320 more words


The mark of cane






Boarding schooling in the late 1960’s could be tough. Caning, the deliberate infliction of pain as punishment for an offence, or perceived offence, was common. A caning was delivered by the teacher to the offender’s backside; you bent over, the teacher said how many lashings you were going to get and then you were whacked. 875 more words


The Headmistress will see you now!

I’ve been having a lovely week and my bottom is a wonderful shade of pink! I also visited the Schoolroom in Hertfordshire last Thursday to punish a very naughty boy. 36 more words


#WipItUp - Sampling the Goods - The Cane Shop

For this week’s WipItUp I’ve revisited a work in progress that never made it. I posted it over a year ago on PK Corey’s Fantasy Friday as a short story. 2,829 more words

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