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Legalize Heroin–It’s the Christian thing to do | LibertarianChristians.com

Legalize Heroin–It’s the Christian thing to do | LibertarianChristians.com.

“But perhaps the best reason to legalize hard drugs is that people who wish to consume them have the same liberty to determine their own well-being as those who consume alcohol, or marijuana, or anything else.

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The Drug War

Regular marijuana use bad for teens' brains



Psychology and public health experts weigh in on potential effects of legalization on youth

WASHINGTON –- Frequent marijuana use can have a significant negative effect on the brains of teenagers and young adults, including cognitive decline, poor attention and memory, and decreased IQ, according to psychologists discussing public health implications of marijuana legalization at the American Psychological Association’s 122nd Annual Convention. 795 more words

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$50,000 in Marijuana Stolen from Seattle Dispensary

Someone cut a hole in the wall at a Georgetown medical-marijuana dispensary and made off with $50,000 worth of pot this morning, Seattle police said. 69 more words

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10 Ridiculous Perfumes That Might Seduce You

Perfumes will always be popular – they’re a great way to make you smell nice. But sometimes people come up with ideas for perfume that are bat-shit insane. 1,310 more words

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The Daily Bell: As Predicted, UN Calls for Decriminalization of All Drugs

By Anthony Wile – July 19, 2014

The UN has now called for the decriminalization not just of marijuana but of other drugs as well, including so-called injectables. 60 more words