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Survey Finds Physicians are Pro-Cannabis Therapy for Epilepsy Patients

According to a recent survey by researchers at the University of California in Los Angeles, most general physicians and nurses (83%) support the use of cannabis as therapy for patients suffering from severe refractory epilepsy.  131 more words


The Hemp Industry Association Doing What Your Government Should

The HIA issued a statement earlier this year warning people about companies mislabeling their products as CBD products when they are simply made from hemp seed oil.  94 more words

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Increasing Cannabinoid Potency With Lecithin & Vibrations - The Budwig Protocol

Many people discover Cannabis Oil, and it’s many processes to prepare it.  Then they discover the many protocols that have been created to administer it to the body.  466 more words


Generation X Reefer Madness

Yahoo recruits fresh-faced Generation X Neuro-Nerd to Perpetuate “Pot Fear”

“Pot Does This to Your Brain” Yahoo Video Link

Yahoo, ever known for it’s whitewash news reporting and constant regurgitation of the AP, RT and other longstanding media misinformation aggregators, has debuted a new fresh young face to comment on the brain scans of select few people who have admitted to using “pot chronically”.  333 more words

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Cannabis Eases Suffering Caused by Fibromyalgia

Fibromyalgia (FM) is a syndrome of unknown etiology (though trauma and nerve damage are widely believed to be the cause) that results in chronic pain – and studies show that cannabis can help ease the suffering. 641 more words