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Grandma is smoking pot!

This is a funny video of three beautiful women trying pot for the first time. If we were to listen to the government, then these people are criminals and should be locked in cages with rapists and murderers. 17 more words


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¿Yo estoy entendiendo bien?

En las últimas semanas por alguna razón que todavía no termino de comprender, cada vez que enciendo la radio de mi carro, o la escucho a través de mi teléfono móvil me siento por unos segundos en la dimensión desconocida. 1,212 more words

I Went On a Hash-Making Holiday in Northern Morocco (First Published on Vice, 25th November 2013)

A bowl containing beaten kif

Until the Spanish occupation of northern Morocco in the 1920s, Chefchaouen was basically a closed city. In fact, when troops first arrived… 1,374 more words


A Vet's Testimonial on PTSD and Cannabis

My last post discussed a current bipartisan bill to change federal law and allow VA doctors to recommend medical marijuana to returning veterans who suffer from… 52 more words


Marijuana Advocacy Groups: Help me help YOU!

Marijuana advocacy groups:  Help me help YOU!

This Christ human is getting this party started by taking back the Christ plant for the people.  Because getting people stoned is absolutely the best way to get them through The Apocalypse.  100 more words