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Ten Minute Meal :: Panzanella with Cannellini

The weather here has been a bit extreme. Unbearably hot and humid with a drying wind that burned what was left of my hydrangeas, then this week sunny, bright, and cool, with nights that required long sleeves and socks. 327 more words


Sausage and Beans, Italian style...

Despite the many great dishes on offer in the UK, since moving abroad, it’s always the simple mid-week meals from my childhood that bring back my memories of great British food. 283 more words

Crispy-skin salmon, braised kale and cannellini bean purée

I’m very tired today. I’m not sure whether it’s because of the two hours I spent at the gym, which I am writing about now because it never happens and I want everyone to know how virtuous I’ve been today, or whether it’s from the emotional stress of transfer deadline day, which I’m writing about because I want everyone to think I’m a cool girl who likes football. 596 more words


Cannellini parsley salad

I am really beginning to love parsley salads. Parsley, similar to other herbs, are so high in nutrients that as a salad they basically fulfill the week’s needs of Vitamin K, as well as a good chunk of the daily doses of other vitamins and minerals. 204 more words


tuna & beans...and why you should never be a slave to a recipe

Tuna and Beans, or tonno e fagioli, as it is actually called in its hometown, Italy, is a delicious and filling salad of exactly what you’d think based on the name: tuna and beans (and red onion, salt, pepper, and olive oil). 460 more words


Cannellini bean curry

So, I have met my expectations and lost momentum with this blog.  This has happened with every blog I’ve ever tried to have.  This is a recipe I’ve made numerous times, and it’s just as good every time.   327 more words


Cannnellini bean salad

Hey guys!  I am making an easy to follow summer salad today. I was inspired after reading about the cannellini bean and their popularity in Mediterranean cuisine. 299 more words