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Cannelloni with pumpkin and pancetta / Cannelloni zucca e pancetta

Fidget is trying hard to impress Fifi these days, but surely this is not the way to go! Unfortunately, with Salmon as partner-in-crime there’s no end to the chaos these buffoons could create in the cartoon kitchen… even turning it into a grooming parlour. 310 more words


Cannelloni z mięsem i szpinakiem

Szpinakowej rewolucji ciąg dalszy.


  • opakowanie Cannelloni
  • 0,5 kg mięsa mielonego z szynki
  • 900 g szpinaku mrożonego (ja używam w formie brykietu)
  • 3 ząbki czosnku…
  • 191 more words

Spinach with Cream and Cannelloni.

Hello everybody.

Mom had guests this morning,did spinach tabouleh for her with other yummies as well,so I cooked cannelloni before I left since I already have cooked minced meat and chopped spinach so I fixed it quickly and left. 127 more words


Sunday Cannelloni

Dinner tonight we heated the frozen cannelloni l made the other week with the cheap ricotta that Kathy bought at Woolworths’ for $1. 32 more words

Eating In

Sunday Cannelloni

I made the cannelloni for the freezer, from a $1 for 1 kilo ricotta purchase Kathy made in Woolworth’s today, when it’s eventually  re-heated for 30 minutes in 180 degree oven a layer of mozzarella cheese will be added to it. 46 more words

Eating In

Cannelloni wegetariańskie

Na blogu już dawno nie było przepisu z kategorii ‘italiano’, więc najwyższy czas, by nadrobić te zaległości. Dzisiaj coś włoskiego i jednocześnie wegetariańskiego. Choć szpinak, pieczarki i ricotta są raczej mdłymi składnikami, jednak odpowiednio doprawione, z dodatkiem czosnku, cebuli i przypraw komponują się w całkiem wyraziste danie. 254 more words

Na Obiad

A birthday and a slice of Italy in India…

As luck would have it, this year, the husband’s birthday fell on a Saturday. For a change, we had not made any elaborate plans. The fitness freak that the guy is, he wanted to do his routine running/jogging stuff that morning and had decided to wake up at an unearthly hour like 5am to materialize his wishes! 647 more words