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Ed Gein

Ed Gein has been immortalized by pop culture, and while his name may not be as recognizable as, for instance, Ted Bundy or Charles Manson, his horrific story has probably inspired more authors, screenwriters, and musicians than Bundy and Manson combined. 1,138 more words


David Wood on Kinnibalism

I have thought for some time now that the next big rights issue for our society will be fought over the status of animals. Reading a short piece by David Wood this morning entitled  287 more words


How To Get Ahead Idi Amin Style

French Dressing, Polish Sausage, German Brats {maybe even with Kraut}, wait a minute, it was an Eskimo Pie.

Yes cannibalism jokes are in bad taste, Charlie Tuna notwithstanding. 64 more words


The Donner Party (1992)


Written and directed by Ric Burns, Ken Burns’ brother, The Donner Party chronicles the journey and trials of the ill-fated pioneers who left the midwest in search of the promised land in California.  278 more words



Another short respite from the withering man. Flash-fiction horror about the tiny pleasures.


“Stop! Why are you doing this to me?”

I try to ignore the screams as I throw some bacon into the hot skillet and pour myself a glass of whiskey. 826 more words


Death of the Easter Bunny...

Jesus Christ was crucified,
a sacrifice of love,
that brought forgiveness of our sins
in death from God above.
Which makes me question what’s the deal… 447 more words

I learned through the latest episode of Hannibal that shark embryos cannibalize each other in utero. I read about it on this website. They do it as some sort of paternity strategy, to eliminate embryos from fathers other than their own.

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