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Eating God, The Mind of Christ, and other offenses to Western thought

I am doing some background study on 1st  Corinthians, and I am struck by the  beautiful strangeness of Christianity. 

The scene is Corinth, a wealthy, diverse city. 455 more words


"In the South Seas", by Robert Louis Stevenson

A few weeks ago, browsing through the travel literature section of a book shop, I found a copy of a book I never knew existed. It was named In the South Seas, and the author was a person who, in my ignorance, I used to associate to those pirate novels that we were (forced to) reading at school. 642 more words

Random Memories

When Reading About Chimpanzees Turns Into Cormack McCarthy's "The Road". Cannibalism and Infanticide: Primatologists Report.

Reading Cormack McCarthy’s The Road – which I admittedly did mainly because I intended to see the movie – was one of the most excruciating encounters I ever had with literature. 1,345 more words


Random thoughts (one of the voices)

Beginning to think god don’t like me…
He Took away
everything I loved, yet
He spared me…

I tried suicide twice and I’m still living; 100 more words


Reason # 13

Reason #13: The people in the early Church weren’t just random cannibals…the Eucharist thing had to come from somewhere, right? So there had to have been a person who said “Eat me,” he had to have been convincing and important enough for them to say “Yes, sure,” and he had to have been special enough for them to not be grossed out. 74 more words


Ross and Stirling - Not An Ice Community

Cannibalism amongst polar bears (Ursus maritimus), possibly due to food scarcity. During summer and autumn when there is low sea ice, which means fewer seals are accessible to bears and so their hunting success declines. 582 more words