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The river is full, burst in places
Deep puddles cutting muddy trenches
Through half-awake fields
Where geese, visitors, squat
Grey and orange and hooting
Amidst the baffled resident sheep, 46 more words


Cannibals Caught Cooking People Into Their Empanadas

By Jordy Altman

We’ve been hungry, but never this hungry…

In what sounds like the beginning of a very twisted joke, a man, his wife, and his mistress are being tried for luring nannies into their homes and… 219 more words


Cannibal Apocalypse

“It’s a contagious illness that manifests itself like a kind of rabies!” Sold.

Love virus movies like Cannibal Apocalypse, especially ones that throw in unnecessary Vietnam war exploitation (a German Shepherd with a bomb collar blows up in the first two minutes) and featuring a cast of b-movie big-shots and Italian nobodies with dubbed voices. 476 more words


More American Burger

You want fries with that? Check out these additional stills from the new Swedish horror comedy American Burger. Did you know that eating a human arm would provide you with 1800 calories? 42 more words


The Day

I fear for all the souls and pieces of shit that try and get into this house tonight.

Year Released : 2011
Directors : Douglas Aarniokoski… 1,627 more words


The Texas Chain Saw Massacre (1974)

During a recent trip to Seattle we hit up the EMP Museum, which offers exhibits exploring modern popular culture. There’s a pretty decent section of the museum dedicated to horror films, and it probably comes as no surprise that was my favorite part. 1,003 more words