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Fishing for Crocodiles

When the public-address announcer spotted the first crocodile peeking out of the water, the deckhand tied a hunk of raw meat to the end of the line. 488 more words


The Colony (2013) - Review

When the future Ice Age has destroyed the entire planet forcing the human kind into extinction, the few survivors left have to deal with a serious and blood-thirsty threat. 636 more words


The Man from Deep River

Video Nasty #7 of 72

Year of Release: 1972
Directed by:  Umberto Lenzi
Run Time: 93 minutes
Alternate Titles:  Original Title: Il paese del sesso selvaggio (Translated literally as The Country’s Wild Sex), also released as Deep River Savages, Sacrifice!, and Mondo Cannibale… 1,059 more words



Hey guys,


        Yes, zombies are so very real. They want you and me to think that they are not real. They want to make it seem like its some type of entertainment. 233 more words

Spiritual Growth

Zombi Holocaust

This is a bit of an odd movie to me mostly due to it’s production but I’ll get to that a little later. For now, settle in, sit back, and experience “Zombie Holocaust!” 979 more words


Human foot sold as food?

A reader of FOTM sent me a query on Facebook about a disturbing claim that China is selling human feet as food:

My first reaction is: “Why would the Chinese sell human body parts as food in Europe?” – because the price “7,28 €” is in Euros. 264 more words


Simmer Down

A man walked into a large, bubbling cauldron of stew. The cannibals were, of course, understandably excited. Dinner had never delivered itself before!

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