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Canning Tomatoes

Canning Tomatoes

With school around the corner in the Mitten state, Meema (my mom) and I set about canning some Michigan tomatoes so that this winter, when the polar vortex has us missing these dog days of summer, our chili, fire roasted pasta, spaghetti, and recipes yet to be discovered will unleash the memories of August days gone by. 


Homemade Ketchup Recipe From Fresh Tomatoes - Never Use Store Bought Again!

Who doesn’t love ketchup?  In America, it is the most popular condiment found in households today. Adding it to burgers or dogs, using it as a dip for french fries and potato chips, and even adding it to your scrambled eggs is considered common practice. 529 more words


Now Is The Time

If you live in the Northern Hemisphere like I do, now is the time to be thinking about buying fresh foods from your local farmer’s market. 914 more words


What’s In Your Choice Salsa?

Easy to make and simple to can in a boiling water canner, salsas are very popular for home canning. One of the most common requests we receive at the National Center is “Can I can my salsa recipe?” 256 more words


Canning Tomatoes

The sign read, ‘Canning Tomatoes $15.’ A 5-gallon bucket was filled to the rim with tomatoes of all sizes. All dusty, with garden dirt. I’d planned to buy a few tomatoes to eat, but I could almost taste Mom’s vegetable soup that she made from home canned tomatoes when I was a kid. 540 more words

Everyday Life

How to be a Cannable Part 2

I canned tomatoes this past week. I did buy two half bushels of tomatoes and mixed in some of my own I grew. Wouldn’t you know it, mine are really starting to kick in! 1,642 more words