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Goodnight Moon

The end is finally here. And the country breathes a sigh of relief. And as do I. No, it’s not time for me to leave Jordan yet, but rather the end of the month of Ramadan. 621 more words


"Nowhere to Run" by Bella

Trapped in darkness, nowhere to run.
We cry, bleed, vomit, scream,
And die a little every night.
But we wake up in the morning, 141 more words


May I direct your attention...

To Miss Rose Aftenlich (she gave herself her last name.)

Austria is a bespectacled beauty with a refined talent for the arts, and a like of simplicity and precise arrangement. 126 more words


Italy VS Italy? Explaining Isabella

It’s not uncommon for Italy to be grouped into two different categories. Not because they’re divided physically or politically (as in mapping & territories.) The reason they’re divided is because of the striking difference in cultures. 235 more words