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"probably just been nosin' through the trash"

I’m choosing to believe that a team of collaborative raccoons did this.

Because I don’t want to think about the size, skill, and determination of any singular animal with the capacity to knock over our 60-gallon, 4-foot tall, heavy, full trash can, gnaw or tear into bags and containers, and scatter the residual detritus across our yard. 510 more words

A canoe is a canoe is a canoe

“Be strong, O paddle!
Be brave, canoe!”

My Paddle Sings, E. Pauline Johnson

Last time we received a brief introduction to the canoe and how it was primarily a work vessel, made to transport humans or goods. 209 more words

Navigating the Adventure Waterways

Piloting a water craft has never been my strong suit.  I have always been attracted to rafts, kayaks, canoes and the like, but my technique has never allowed me to be successful.   1,113 more words

Big Valley to Tolman.

M. and A. having a float.

M. and P. finding the current and the fun.


Travel Theme: Broken

This week’s travel theme is to find travel items, places, etc. that are broken.  Here are my broken travel experiences.

This is a picture of a piece of the Berlin Wall taken at… 203 more words


The Parklands of Floyd's Fork Series: Taking Park Systems to Another Level


     With most of the large areas of land left in the metro area being bought up to build more subdivisions and expand out our ever growing city, the surrounding area of Floyd’s Fork remained untouched. 1,163 more words