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Reddish Egret in Golden Light

Made another trip to Bolivar Flats on Saturday.  The wind was supposed to be fairly calm on Sat. and got confirmation of that when heading into the Texas City area and could see the steam coming off the of refineries going straight up.  185 more words


Oystercatcher Feeding on ???

Here is another Oystercatcher shot from the Texas City dike.  He was feeding on a carcass of some kind but not sure what it was.  Got some nice wave action in the background. 25 more words


By the light of the gibbering moon

A very quick post of some moon shots. It was supposed to be red but it didn’t look very red to me. I tweaked the temperature slightly to help it but broadly speaking it was a bit of a disappointment. 23 more words


October 3rd, 2014 -- Avian Friday: Training Days

Here is another shot of one of the Bald Eagles taken at Seabeck during the beginning of summer. Most of the birds that congregates there are adults, but there usually seems to be one or two juveniles among the pack. 144 more words

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Nighthawk Snoozing

Found two Common Nighthawks lying in the gravel at the Texas City Dike.  They were hard to spot and were well camouflaged at a distance.  This one was snoozing but luckily opened his eyes long enough to get a catch light in his eye from the sun. 25 more words


September 26th, 2014 - Avian Friday: American Goldfinch

This weeks bird is one that I always seem to have difficulty capturing. I never seem to be able to sneak up on the Goldfinch, at least to within a close enough distance to make a very good image. 100 more words

Nature Photography

Oystercatcher in Flight

Tried to make a trip to Bolivar Flats yesterday but couldn’t get there as it looked like I might get my car stuck in the sand with all of the rain that the Houston area had last week.  53 more words