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Snowy Launching

Caught this Snowy Egret as he was getting ready to take-off with wings extended, leaning into the wind and some catch light in his eye.  Looking at the bird in the distance helped to give the photo some more interest. 29 more words


Reddish Wing Stretch

This Reddish Egret was getting some stretching exercises in at Bolivar Flats.  Always a good time.  Hope to get back there soon over the holidays. 31 more words


Hunter Becomes The Hunted

This Jackal was perhaps regretting its decision to move in on a recent lioness kill ….

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Flags of our Fathers

Flags can make some interesting photo op’s at airshows.  This year at Wings Over Houston, this B17 Flying Fortress attracted my eye with the Texas and US flags waving in the wind as the sun was coming up.  48 more words

Canon 1DX

Blue Angels at Wings Over Houston

Spent two full days last weekend taking photos at the Wings Over Houston airshow.  It was great weather, which brought out record crowds as they sold out the show on Sunday.  89 more words

Canon 1DX

B&W Lift-Off

From the my last trip to Bolivar Flats, this White Morph Reddish Egret landed nearby and then suddenly took off.  The colors were muted as the sun was behind the clouds so I tried using B&W on this one. 31 more words