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50 questions - 1/2

I was casually looking for a random online questionnaire to do when I found one that I thought I’ll post here. Please share if you’ll like to; some of the questions are rather fun! 755 more words


Day trip

Today, we got some errands done in Johor, just over the Causeway, and it’s possibly the first of several trips we will make in the year. 16 more words


Morning wisdom

I was not a writer to begin with; I was a listener.

Erskine Caldwell in an interview with the Paris Review


January Day Out

I was planning all sort of things for this new year, but it is good I din’t commit publicly to any new year’s resolutions that I was never going  to achieve. 186 more words


Have a good weekend.

All the knowledge I possess everyone else can acquire, but my heart is all my own.

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe