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Macro Photography : Anthidium strigatum / Kleine Harzbiene II by siegfriedtremel

This is a 4x magnification stack of the bee from the last post.

Stacked from 58 natural light exposures in Zerene Stacker.



These are my last photos of Copenhagen. I  was really surprised by this beautiful city, even though the weather was not the best. For me wearing boots and a coat in august is just crazy (we sometimes reach the 40º in madrid so you can imagine), nevertheless we tried to enjoy as much as possible, even when the universal Deluge caught us on our way to the Carlsberg first brewery. 47 more words

Canon Eos 5D Mark II


Amalienborg is the winter home of the Danish Royal Family and it consist of four identical palaces. Nowadays it is still possible to see the changing of the guard, that happens everyday at noon, as well as the post replacement every two hours.   65 more words

Canon Eos 5D Mark II


During our last hours in Copenhagen we decided to climb Rundetårn. This tower dates from the 17th century and it has no stairs, but a spiral ramp, to allow a horse and a carriage to reach the library.  16 more words

Canon Eos 5D Mark II

Vor Frelsers Kirke

There’s something that remains a constant when I travel to any place: I need to climb any tower, church or monument that will let me see everything from a different point of view. 73 more words

Canon Eos 5D Mark II

Christiansborg Slot

Since the weather in Copenhagen wasn’t the most friendly thing ever, we hided from the rain visiting Christiansborg Slot. I was really impressed by this beautiful castle and some facts that for someone living in Spain are really surprising: 93 more words

Canon Eos 5D Mark II

Pizzeria La Fiorita

One of the pleasures of life is pizza – i firmly believe it. And even though Italy is quite far away from Copenhagen, we were instantly there with every bite.   24 more words

Canon Eos 5D Mark II