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Curious, Unique

Having read Jack Kerouac’s novel, ‘On The Road,’ this image of American landscape holds interest; the building within this landscape was perhaps intact and used at the time the novel was written, the end of the forties. 74 more words

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Sundays and Trains

A Sunday – day’s end; we had enjoyed family’s camaraderie and been among cousins at our cousins farm, an hour away from our Edmonton home. On what is now known as the Queen Elizabeth II highway between Calgary and Edmonton we traveled home Dad at the wheel of our green 69 Pontiac Parisienne. 414 more words

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Lost & The Way

Trusting the map, trusting Steve with the map – some twenty-five years ago, in Canada’s Banff National Park we cycled along a fire road behind Mount Norquay with the intention of riding our mountain bikes up and down the mountain along what should have been a short ride on a horse trail, no more than four hours at the most. 982 more words

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Forgotten & Found

That idea, potent, yet half-formed did have to be put down, but not put away – it would yield treasure should I return to it. My father, a plastics chemist, evolved a habit of downloading his mind into moleskins as his best tack for moving past interruption and returning to most current endeavor. 757 more words

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Canon 24-105mm f4 IS review - 5 reasons why it's still a great lens

Initial impressions – I bought this lens with my Canon 6D as the standard kit lens. Its very solid in the hands, typical L lens quality look & feel and doesn’t lack for any necessary features. 186 more words


Canon 70-300 f4.5-6.5 IS review - a great first zoom lens

Initial impressions – although not an L lens it is solid, easy to handle and not too large to mount to Canon dslrs.

Ease of use – It has all the switches in the places you expect them to be, and the zoom is smooth and quick to operate, as is the auto focus. 197 more words


Secret Garden.

In the twilight of old stately homes one can find mysterious gardens, just a bit beyond the hedges. Just quietly approach those green hedges, and you they might just part for you. 97 more words