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Rutt siblings: Amy + Austin

This winter I had my first chance to experiment with studio lights. A greater % of the photos on here are taken in a natural light setting, so this is new! 22 more words

Canon Photography


So true.

I recall the days I first picked up the camera and was introduced to the world of lenses – from the cheaper yet impressive third party ones to the trusty, bokeh-licious L lens, from the zoom to prime lenses – options were aplenty. 277 more words

Street Photography

Possibly the Last of the Skagit Tulips

So I had to visit for one more evening. This time I had my usual setup: Zeiss 21mm lens and Canon 5D2 camera. The fields were overrun, but most were shooting the other way. 18 more words

Sunset Finishing Up In Skagit

On a whim, I ventured up to the Skagit Valley to see how the tulip fields were coming together. Scouted about a bit, then settled onto this one nice space near Christiansons Nursery. 41 more words

Wedding preview: Ken + Ang

I believe every time I’ve seen or chatted with Ang has been at a wedding! We first met at her cousin’s wedding in Alaska, then again at a friend’s wedding, and now, of course, at her very own! :) Lovely…