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Rome, Italy

Our last stop of the trip was Rome, Italy, and from watching the Lizzie McGuire Movie about 80 times (minimum) in my rougher years, I was pretty frickin excited. 416 more words

Siena, Italy


Another long day of train travel later, my family and I had arrived in Siena, Italy, a little town in the Tuscan countryside. We only stayed for a few nights, but we partook in some solid adventures along the way, meeting rowdy Australians, climbing a scenic overlook or two, and enjoying a local wine tasting (among other things.) I wish we could have stayed longer, but regardless, this trip was one for the record books (and photo albums… lolz. 31 more words

Cinque Terre, Italy

Departing Paris, France, my family and I set off on a full day of train travel to the coastal village of Monteroso in Cinque Terre, Italy. 25 more words