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16 de outubro de 2014, Parque da Luz e Estação da Luz.

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Hospital Matarazzo

12 de outubro de 2014, “Made by… Feito por Brasileiros”.

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Feathers and Foliage

Autumn is such a beautiful time of year. The leaves put up one last dazzling display before floating to the ground. Fall blooms, like the beautiful purple asters that are sprouting up in tall-grass meadows, add color to the browning fields. 247 more words


Never the Brightest

Never the Brightest never means you’re not the most talented. Never the Brightest never means you’re worth nothing. Never the Brightest just means it is easier for you to inhibit a great work habit. 30 more words

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I Am Julie's Piano

From a short time being at some art building at Valparaiso University. The inner workings of a piano could be correlated to the inner workings of us. 44 more words

Canon T3i

using reflectors

Ok, I really want to buy a reflector now. It makes getting a picture of someone with light behind them much easier. I used to always take pictures having the subject face the sun, or the sun on their side. 373 more words