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Hot Air Balloon "Reliant"

I was amazed to see a real hot air balloon at Genesee Country Village and Museum and it was working!  I shot this while it was down between trips up giving people rides (tethered).   39 more words


reflection in the morning

I got up too early, so I strolled by this small uncharted marina near Harris Resort Waterfront Batam, Indonesia, and took a few frames. This one is a composite of 3 frames with 2 stops interval, handheld. Have a great weekend all!


Trying Cinematic Look Post Processing

Today I saw an article on Fstoppers about how to create a Cinematic look on your images. To be simple, an image will be called cinematic-ish if we look the image as if it was taken from a snapshot of a movie (like when you were watching Captain America and .. 143 more words


Pizza guy

This guy was running a wood fire pizza stall at the Salamanca Markets in Hobart last weekend. He was such a character – so animated – I wish I took more images of him. 19 more words


Bakewell Revisited (photographically speaking)

Somehow, I seemed to find the mood of Bakewell, at least in a touristy, Sunday afternoon visitor sort of way.  I like these photos, they actually portray Bakewell as I saw it. 16 more words