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Wide Angle

This was taken with the 17-40. I used the 40mm end. I got as close as I could to the orchids.


Photographing wildlife in harsh lighting: an Eastern Fence Lizard

Below we have a photo of a small, harmless, and downright cute Eastern Fence Lizard.  A native reptile of New Jersey that is widespread within its habitat, but generally not familiar to residents of Northern New Jersey. 221 more words


Hot House Flowers of Selby Gardens

Besides the great trees, plants and flowers outside at Marie Selby Botanical Gardens, there were lots of hothouse flowers that staggered the imagination. Here are just a few for you all to look over if you wish. 37 more words


Macro Photography : Gone away by maliOli

Bee left flower after taking nectar.
Last days of summer and chance to catch pics with flowers and insects.



Here’s a picture from yesterday, our Fox Terrier Leevi is enjoying fetching a stick. This one was shot with the “Nifty-Fifty”, 50mm f/1.8 @ ISO 800 – 1/2000s – f/2.8. 31 more words

Friday Thoughts

Vintage Guitars

6 figures for a ’59 Les Paul?! That’s not an instrument, it’s a toy for  bankers and other rich idiots. There’s plenty of well made, great sounding guitars coming out these days. 289 more words