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British Wildlife Photography Awards 2014

A Promise to myself

Every year, for the past 5 or so, I’ve kicked myself as I realised the closing date for a competition I had… 422 more words


Jen & Johnny - When North Meets South...

Met this lovely couple at a wedding that I was shooting back in May and here we are just a couple weeks before their own wedding… I loved hearing their unique story about how the relationship began and their journey up to this point… one common thread throughout was ‘God’s grace’… they see each other as a gift from God and i could just feel the love they have for one another… I was just caught up in the warm glow… I know, super cheesy :) … now if only Canada and the US could always get along like this…

Kuda Kepang at George Town Festival 2014, Penang

Kuda Kepang ( Horse Riders ) at George Town Festival 2014, Penang.

Read an excellent article from The Star newspaper on Kuda Kepang below :- 16 more words