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Nueva herramienta de actualización para sistemas Ubuntu

Esta semana canonical ha anunciado el lanzamiento del Snappy Ubuntu, que permitirá la actualización e instalación de aplicaciones más rápido que nunca.

Este sistema ha sido diseñado para que los usuarios de este Sistema Operativo puedan validar sus aplicaciones antes de instalarlas y no solo en lo que a seguridad concierne sino también para estar seguros que la aplicación hace lo que el usuario esta buscado y además asegurarse que su sistema cumple con los requisitos mínimos para el correcto desempeño de la aplicación en cuestión. 144 more words


Truphone, Canonical, TeleStax and Metaswitch at TADSummit

Four pioneering telecom ecosystem companies – Truphone, Canonical, TeleStax and Metaswitch – banded together to present the world’s first demonstration of live, cloud-based telephone voting at the… 472 more words


Snappy security

Ubuntu Core with Snappy was recently announced and a key ingredient for snappy is security. Snappy applications are confined by AppArmor and the confinement story for snappy is an evolution of the… 62 more words


Canonical Launches "Snappy" Edition Of Ubuntu Core For Container Farms

A few years ago, Ubuntu launched a minimalist “core” version of its operating system for embedded systems. Today, it is launching an alpha version of its new… 459 more words


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Hands On With LXD

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“Docker is not a hypervisor”

“it’s for shipping apps”

Canonical’s new project LXD (pronounced “lex-dee,” for Linux Container daemon) that has recently been announced, aims to provide “full-system containers with the performance you’d expect from bare metal, but with the experience of virtual machines.” Basically they are building a complete hypervisor for containers “it feels like a vm, there are tty’s, there is a ssh daemon” everything you would expect from a full virtualized system, except it’s running inside a container.

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SeaBED Sub Makes 3D Map of Underwater Antarctic Ice and It's Powered by Ubuntu 8.04

A new study regarding the ice thickness has been published

The SeaBED submersible has just finished a mission under the Antarctic ice and the scientists have concluded that the ice there is much thicker than previously expected. 331 more words