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Writers I Want To Kiss on the Face(book)


“We have all known the long loneliness and

we have learned that the only solution is love and

that love comes with community.”  Dorothy Day… 1,395 more words


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Karissa Morton's blog on how we should support one another hits home with me. She writes: It doesn’t take much to open someone’s link & read a poem he or she is proud of. It takes even less to click “like” or make a congratulatory comment, to metaphorically say, “Hey, I see your achievement in this tough, competitive world!” If we’re really a community, let’s engage like one.

Do Not Punch Someone For Cutting You In Line At The McDonald's Drive-Thru

I’m thinking it might be a good idea to just put together a Drive-Thru Customer’s Bill of Rights, wherein all parties agree that in exchange for receiving food through a window, good manners are required. 325 more words


I’m not an old man. Given the wonders of modern medicine and the fact I take good care of myself, I hesitate even to call myself middle-aged,though I probably am. 565 more words

We're All Bullies

I’m the first person to say that you should stand up for your beliefs, for yourself, for people you love, for people who don’t have a voice. 505 more words


A Few Examples of Socialism that Conservatives love

I think there should be a new rule that if you call things “socialism” a lot using the word as a pejorative, you should have to know what “socialism” is. 538 more words

Overlapping Consensus