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What time is it?

I was up for most of the day today, Sunday, and decided to stretch out around two o’clock. When I got up from the sofa,I looked at my watch and saw that it was five o’clock. 137 more words


Another day in the country...

Last night I went to bed sad. Bijou dashed out the door yesterday morning as I was coming back in from carrying out the trash. I tried all day long to get him to come back (I now believe Bijou is in fact, a boy) but he wouldn’t have it. 438 more words


Late Freeze, Hail Stunts Rocky Ford Cantaloupe Harvest

ROCKY FORD, Colo. (CBS4)- A double punch from Mother Nature that included a late season freeze and damaging hail storms has limited this year’s crop of Rocky Ford Cantaloupes. 83 more words


Virginia's Melon Season Arriving Late But Sweet

PETERSBURG, Va. — Melon growers in Virginia are reporting a late but sweep crop.

Watermelons and cantaloupes are making their seasonal debut in Virginia a week or two behind schedule. 120 more words


What Food Safety Experts Never Eat?

As a food safety scientist Doug Powell knows way too much about the dangers of undercooked meat to take chances on the barbecue. Powell doesn’t bring wine when he’s invited to dinner, he brings a food thermometer to every summer cookout. 15 more words


FroYo Cashew Berry Smoothie

I love me some frozen yogurt, but while a lot of these frozen yogurt places are really good (16 Handles is the best ever, btw), there is some mystery as to what exactly is in that “healthier alternative to ice cream.”  There’s also something kinda gross and fast food salad bar-like about the do-it-yourself toppings station.   117 more words

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