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(1) WHERE do glass bottles depict rain ? ——-  Japanese design studio, NENDO, has used art to capture the several ways of describing rain in the Japanese language.  629 more words


The General Prologue of The Canterbury Tales, by Chaucer.

Ok maybe not something you’d want to read for fun, but I thought it only appropriate for an English student to write up something I’d read in class. 128 more words


10 Everyday Words With Unexpected Origins

Etymology, or the study of the origin of words, is dry, dusty stuff that will give you allergies if you play with it too long. It also happens to be one of our favorite topics—because sometimes a word travels through such a twisted path to get to its modern meaning that all you can do is scratch your head and wonder how civilization manages to keep itself going. 1,909 more words


Anaconda? Don't.

I keep up with pop culture for a very specific reason, and it’s not because I’m fascinated with the Kardashian sisters. I keep up with pop culture because I recognize the resounding impact that it has on those who willingly or unwittingly consume it in its varied and vivid forms. 705 more words

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This article, talking about female desiring and its problems in contemporary culture deserves attention. I suppose, in contemporary culture, in reclaiming sexuality, one feels the need to conform to the kind of stereotypes that is perpetuated against a certain type; the pride of being 'that' person that you are accused of being. Not that people have not been doing it: the blacks embracing the n-word in their vocabulary in rap music. Or the Dalit Panthers trying to write about the aggressive masculinity. One could suppose that this has been the idea of any disadvantaged group that tries to reclaim its own territory: quite famously in one of the earliest works of English literature, The Canterbury Tales by Chaucer. Anyone else remember the Wife of Bath? Yes. So the question is not so much about the terms being embraced but the context within which a community or a group decides to embrace. Insofar as it is always 'claiming' it, the pose is that of a hostile member and the very pose of this stands upon negation. Are we surprised that Nicki Minaj is body shaming that "skinny b*tches" in the song? Perhaps no. What we should we questioning, instead, is the whole politics behind having a body that is supposed to be appealing at all. And since Ms. Minaj is not confronting that question, we are left with the dichotomous choice of the "skinny b*tches" or the "Real-Women-Have-Curves" rally while understanding a cultural norm about the idea of beauty itself.