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Flash Back Friday: Edrych Yn Ôl Ar

I warned you guys I would be posting sporadically about those things which make me want to be in the U.K.  The number one things are my memories.   692 more words


The monk narrates of De Petro Rege de Cipro - 38

کینٹربری کہانیاں یوں جاری ہیں کہ تمام مسافر ، مونک کے المیہ تذکرے سُن رہے ہیں اور اب مونک بارہویں صدی کے اطالوی برنابو وِزکونٹی کی ہلاکت کے بعد ، سولہواں کردار متعارف کرواتا ہے۔ …

Canterbury Tales

The Beautiful Ache

We are back in the swing of things.  Once again we sit at the table and complete math pages.  We make our beds, conjugate verbs, fill up the dog bowls.  544 more words


Alrighty, here’s the last one, get some of this knowledge off of my mind. Censorship is one thing that has really affected my blogging recently. For some reason, our school district has blocked blogging websites off of our iPads. 436 more words

Travel advice from my mentor, the Wife of Bath

My blogging name, The Wife of Bath, has become a kind of secret handshake with English lit nerds.  One of my readers commented “I saw your WOB handle and I just had to follow.  850 more words


Modern Travelers

In the “Prologue” to The Canterbury Tales, Geoffrey Chaucer provides us with a fictitious cultural snapshot of England in the late 1300’s. His snapshot consists of the good, the bad, … 382 more words

English 4 2014-2015

De Wife of Bristol on BBC Radio 4

Check out Edson Burton’s radio comedy, De Wife of Bristol, on BBC Radio 4!  Available for only a short time.