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Easter Vigil Hymn

At the risk of getting boring by posting old stuff, here’s a hymn I wrote yonks ago as a metrical version of the Song of Moses and Miriam (one of the canticles used at Easter vigils.   254 more words

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The Guilt Trip (Canticle of Moses II - part 4 )

” Learn that I , I alone am God …”

Through the course of this canticle we have seen the Joy of the Exodus .  How God, from the beginnings of the earth after the Great Flood had laid out a plan and cared for the Hebrews. 531 more words


Taking Inventory ( Canticle of Moses II - Part 3)

” The Lord alone was their leader, no strange god was with them.  He had them ride triumphant over the summits of the land  and live of the products of His fields, 673 more words


Canticle of Saint Francis of Assisi

Most high, all-powerful, all good Lord!

All praise is yours, all glory, all honor, and all blessing.

To you, alone, Most High, do they belong. 249 more words


Know where you came from ! ( The Canticle of Moses II - Part 2)

” Yet Basely has he been treated by this degenerate children……  So he spread out his wings to receive them and bore then upon his pinions “… 559 more words


Our Relationship With God - Canticle of Moses II - part 1

” Give ear  O Heavens while I speak, Let the Earth harken to the sound of my voice.

May my instruction soak in like the rain, and my discourse permeate like the dew. 723 more words


Canticle of Moses I - Hebrew Slaves View

One day you are our there living your life of slavery in Egypt.  Its a day like any other day in your life.  You wake up you start your slogging around in the mud pits to make bricks for the Pharaohs latest project and getting whipped on occasion to make you work faster.   829 more words