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Reflection Canyon Ch. 2 by raynorshi

In 1960s, by damming Colorado River, the once-majestic Glen Canyon was flooded to create Lake Powell, the second largest man-made reservoir in the United States. As a minor tributary to Glen Canyon, Reflection Canyon also has been partly submerged by the waters of Lake Powell. 287 more words


Toxic, no. Fun, yes in Constrychnine & Slideanide Canyons

With more arrivals the previous night our group swells to nine. Today we split into separate groups. One party heads to the skinnies of Shenanigans and Middle Leprechaun, while the rest of us venture to the nearby steep and deep slots in the Poison Springs complex. 723 more words


On Naming, and the Unfortunate Case of Upper Bowens Creek South Fork Canyon

Naming is important. We are offended when we hear stories of parents naming their children “Talula Does The Hula From Hawaii”, precisely because it breaks the sacredness of naming. 697 more words


What type of "rider" are you?

Are you a Stunter? The Canyon Rider? Show Bike Enthusiast? Daily Rider? Weekend Rarrior? Whatever type of rider you are, what made you become that type of rider? 381 more words


Weather Report

It’s early in the morning, & I want to see how the fresh light of the day looks on some arches rocks…
First stop, first shot ! 92 more words


Layers of Gold - Fun Wid Us

View from Dead Horse Point State Park, Utah
by KurtBudliger
Entertainment Guaranteed


The Garden Island

We took a 35 minute flight out of Oahu to Kauai, the “Garden Island”. Most of Jurassic Park and Lost was filmed there and it’s obvious why, the rugged untouched rainforest covers the whole Island except for the small towns dotted along the coastline. 878 more words