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Day Three Hundred Six

Our trek back to Virginia in our new purchase, a 20-year-old Jeep, had begun Рwe climbed out of Sedona along 89A up through Oak Creek Canyon, climbing from about 4000 feet in elevation to above 7000 feet.   102 more words


The Real Blue Mountains

So I picked the Blue mountains as the place to start. This is the first place I explored when I arrived and I’ve done various days here and there ever since. 902 more words

Blue Mountains

Canyon de Chelly ( say 'Shay') photos

As promised, even more pictures of rocks. Some of these have pictures on the rocks. Some of these have snow on the rocks!

Very very cold, but so beautiful. 23 more words


John Ford, eat your heart out - pics of Monument Valley

Bison and deer by the road between Zion and Bryce canyons.

Bighorn sheep

The left and right mittens

A Hogan, a Navajo dwelling.

Petroglyphs… 74 more words


Bryce canyon - highpoints and hoodoos - photos

The strange stacked hoodoos stand in ranks through the canyon, but walking among them is made difficult by the elevation, 8000 feet above sea level


More photos of rocks - Zion canyon

The beautiful Zion Canyon, rocks yes, but also the river and the colourful trees. 20 more words


Into the Valley of Death - with a Camera

Death Valley

Lots of pictures of rocks, just like I promised you.

Mesquite Flats, with Sand Dunes

Zabriskie point, layers like Tiramisu.

At Badwater Basin the elevation is 268 feet  49 more words