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Best gifts 2014: Floating Cap

Floating CapNatural hot springs and steaming pots set in the breathtaking landscapes of Iceland have been the bases of the Arctic country´s rich bathing culture. 30 more words

Best Gifts 2014

American Myths???

<WARNING: This post includes some strong opinions and is likely going to offend. If you are easily offended, move along. If you are open-minded, continue!> 748 more words


Celtic on minimal'

Photographer: Po Tipchote

Location: South Bank, Brisbane

Model: Paul Tipchote

Styling: Theresa Chung

Paul just bought his new top from TOPSHOP on sale.. He was overly confident in his new fashion item so became our new poser for the day hahaha 


Number Theory 26

(Phát triển từ bài toán Taiwan 1999)
: Cho nguyên dương sao cho là số nguyên tố. Gọi là ước nguyên tố lớn nhất của là ước nguyên tố nhỏ nhất của . 124 more words

Sơ Cấp

A Glitch in Orange Jordan ADSL Quota System might Affect your Internet Monthly Cap

If you live in Jordan and use Orange™ ADSL Internet service, Well, you better watch out for this glitch in their ADSL quota system.

Almost all Internet Service Providers (ISP) in Jordan enforce very restrict monthly capacity plans, a.k.a data cap. 635 more words