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Just Being Me!

I have for a long time wondered why they never gave me a name, just a statistic, a number…

Walking down the road all those odd stares, those “Who do you think you are” stares. 1,094 more words


Advanced Presistent Threats - What are they and how can I stay protected?

Just because you are paranoid, doesn’t mean they aren’t out to get you.

The dawning of a new age of cyber-attacks is upon us. Gone are the days of predictable one-off attacks that require extensive manual labor by a hacker. 750 more words

Cardholder Data Environment

Are You Really Free? (Part Two)

As Americans, we cherish freedom. Our culture values each individual’s right to live their life as they choose.  Freedom, however, is always tied to capabilities.  You are not free to do what you are incapable of doing.  180 more words

David's Corner

Poet Madiha Bhatti Calls Out Objectifying Song Lyrics! and it's Awesome

*Language warning

Listen to poet Madiha Bhatti calling out objectifying lyrics in music. Mu(sick) is the language of the mind. I don’t think anyone else could have said better. 6 more words

Being Connected Resources

Efficient Innovation Manufacturing Cutting Systems by SCHWABE USA

  NEW Advertising Campaign launched by SCHWABE USA

The new ad campaign for SCHWABE USA communicating the company as a global OEM supplies Efficient & Innovative Manufacturing Cutting Systems to a wide range  industries around the world. 22 more words