The Tiffany T

I am not particularly into jewelry – although I am genetically inclined to shiny and sparkly objects. If you were to purchase a gift from Tiffany’s for me, I most certainly will be grateful. 437 more words


What are Supercapacitors?

Supercapacitors have been around for almost 50 years yet its stand as an alternative for batteries is fairly weak. They have a lot of promise and so we can’t help but wonder why alternative energy industries are not so fond of this device. 881 more words


Ask Hackaday: Graphene Capacitors On Kickstarter

Last week, we heard of an interesting Kickstarter that puts a capacitor and charging circuit in the same space as a AA battery. This is usually a very simple endeavour, but this capacitor has the same energy density as an alkaline cell. 292 more words


CeilingFanControls .Com

We are one of the largest supplier of Ceiling Fan Remote Controls in America.  We import the product DIRECTLY from the manufacturer, export in the USA Market at affordable price. 12 more words

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element14 expands passives portfolio in Asia-Pacific with world’s capacitor leader KEMET

New Delhi, India, July 8, 2014: element14 has expanded its portfolio of KEMET capacitors for electronics design and production with the newest lines of super capacitors, inductors and signal relays, suitable for applications in automotive, communications and industrial.
Marc Grange, Head of…

A parallel plate capacitor with air between the plates has a capacitance of 9 pF. The separation between its plates is ‘d’. The space between the plates is now filled with two dielectrics. 32 more words


A parallel plate condenser with a dielectric of dielectric constant K between the plates has a capacity C and is charged to a potential V volts. 32 more words