Capacitors Part II

Hello again and welcome to another tutorial on Volts ‘n’ Bolts about capacitors. The last time I talked about capacitors, I explained how a capacitor works, what you use them for, and how to use one for electrical energy storage. 995 more words


9/9/14: Daily Post

Today was hectic. I prepared a lab for class, but it didn’t work out the way I had hoped. I was trying to have students measure the time constant of an resistor and capacitor, but every combination ended up with the same time constant. 120 more words


The Tiffany T

I am not particularly into jewelry – although I am genetically inclined to shiny and sparkly objects. If you were to purchase a gift from Tiffany’s for me, I most certainly will be grateful. 437 more words


Ask Hackaday: Graphene Capacitors On Kickstarter

Last week, we heard of an interesting Kickstarter that puts a capacitor and charging circuit in the same space as a AA battery. This is usually a very simple endeavour, but this capacitor has the same energy density as an alkaline cell. 292 more words