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Loot Crate November 2014 Unboxing- "Battle"

Ever since I learned the theme of this month’s crate I’ve been excited. I was hoping for some Smash Bros connection. Let’s crack it open and see if there’s a connection. 347 more words

Loot Crate

Demon's Crest

There is something about the 16bit era of gaming that I just find inherently charming. This is the era where games started to grow up, tell complex stories, but without losing site of what makes games fun. 1,524 more words

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Round 1!

This week will be something a little different than before, besides the obvious that it’s not Pokemon. This week will be about the game Street Fighter by Capcom, not Nintendo. 273 more words

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Step inside Dante's inferno with this Devil May Cry figure from NECA

The word “Dante” may bring to mind the Italian poet and his storied description of medieval Hell, but the name itself means “enduring”. We think it’s a more-than-fitting mononym for the rage-and-justice-fueled protagonist of Capcom’s… 177 more words

November Loot Crate Unboxing Video

Welcome to another Animockery Studios Loot Crate unboxing video!  November’s theme is BATTLE and battle we shall.  This box was loaded with goodies.  Do you subscribe to Loot Crate or one of the other box subscription services?  154 more words

Loot Crate

Accurate portrayals, in my Smash Bros? Ha, barely.

Far too often you’re faced with a service people who are simply far too headstrong in their own view and opinion, preventing the maximised customer satisfaction. 1,593 more words

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Strider 2014 HD - Ace Gamer Show

Mike Maverick tackles the long-waited game he wants to review, Strider 2014

Ace Gamer