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Heavy lifting for Atlas

Had the rare opportunity to watch the launch of the U.S. Navy’s new communication satellite from a viewing site at Kennedy Space Center adjacent to Cape Canaveral Air Force Station. 18 more words

Cape Canaveral Air Force Station

Blockhouse in the rain

An old blockhouse that once used to protect a rocket launch control team at Cape Canaveral as seen through the windshield on a rainy day.

Cape Canaveral Air Force Station

Remembering Thor-Able

A Thor-Able rocket, renamed Delta in 1960 making it the forerunner of the advanced Delta rocket designs flying today, stands atop old Launch Complex 26 as part of an outdoor museum exhibit tracing the early years of the space program at the Cape. 80 more words

Cape Canaveral Air Force Station

SpaceX Attempts Rocket Landing on a platform at Sea

    An unmanned SpaceX booster rocket propelled a cargo capsule containing 2,300 kilograms of food, experiments and other items to the International Space Station Saturday. The booster failed in an attempt to land on a platform in the ocean. 245 more words
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Delay for CRS-5

Anyone who has suffered the pain of actuator drift in one’s second stage thrust vector control system will commiserate with NASA for having to delay, yet again, the fifth SpaceX Commercial Resupply (CRS) mission to the International Space Station. 85 more words

Cape Canaveral Air Force Station

Zero Days Until The New Year

New Year’s Eve party of the future – a feasibility study.

Cape Canaveral Air Force Station

PHOTOS: The Launch of Orion

Orion lifts off on its first unmanned orbital test flight from Complex 37 B at the Cape Canaveral Air Force Station, Friday, Dec. 5, 2014.