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Sanaa Lodge, Cape Coast

Tim Miller writes:

We found your advice regarding the Sanaa Lodge in Cape Coast, Ghana to be very accurate even though we had a four year old edition of the guide. 81 more words

Cape Coast

Ghana Week 5

Finishing up my fifth week here and about to embark on my third and final trip with students.

It wasn’t until a couple days ago where I felt like I blended in walking around the streets.  289 more words


National Charity tour. #TOUR4LIFE


TOUR4LIFE is a national charity tour on a bicycle that aims to raise funds to provide shelter and health needs to homeless street kids. The tour aims to meet about 25,000 people. 816 more words


Fear Comes in All Shapes and Sizes

The human heart is not built to endure all situations in life. No human can ever say they’ve encountered every new challenge without some level of doubt, nausea or fear. 433 more words


Hot Cold Ghana Light

Approaching the tail end of leading the first program and completing my first loop of two around Ghana. Made it to Cape Coast today—a pretty visually fascinating city with lots of color, narrow streets and different architecture from the rest of the places I’ve stayed in Ghana thus far. 109 more words


Everyone Needs a Robert

At some point during our travels we as a group started to realize how diverse the people of Ghana are. The hospitality in particular has been overwhelming to points where I’ve felt unworthy of the affection I’ve received from complete strangers. 511 more words


My friend Mustafa

I have visited Ghana 3 times in my life as a traveler. I feel very lucky that it is 3 times. Wow. The first time was for a conference where music students and lecturers from universities around the world. 135 more words