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Cape Verde

Cape Verde (or Cabo Verde as the locals call it) is one of the most amazing archipelagos on earth.  Consisting of 11 islands, 2 of which are uninhabited, are sat idyllically on the edge of Africa, 2000 miles south of the Canary islands. 737 more words

I'm super famous.

We (the proverbial “we”) interrupt Turtle Recall’s regularly scheduled self reflection in exchange for some  shameless self promotion.

A while back a super nice environmental journalist named Irene came to visit Sal and learn a little bit more about the island and it’s natural wonders. 99 more words

Cape Verde

Mountain dog

Excursion around Ribeira Brava.  Sao Nicolau/Cape Verde. June 7….. and ticking over 50 000 visits the last Three years?


The lost week of my life

Isn’t going on holiday weird? Why does nobody ever admit that! A week (or more) where you live your life in a totally different way, like your brain has been re-wired. 1,165 more words


Opportunities in Cabo Verde's agribusiness

Atlantico Business Development, a Dutch consultancy focused on Portuguese speaking countries, has produced a practical guide for doing business in the agribusiness sector in emerging Cabo Verde. 339 more words


The lost years

Sea turtles hatchlings go straight to the ocean after hatching. They will return to coastal waters as juveniles to forage. Not much is known about the years in between these two events, which is why this period has been dubbed the “lost years”. 195 more words