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Green and White Light in Buford, GA

Buford, GA

“I was at Lake Lanier in Buford Georgia, I was going to start my grill but never did. I was looking up at the stars Capella and Gemini in the Northeast. 223 more words


Playing Around with Silhouettes

I recently decided to try to experiment with some silhouettes since I’ve never really tried them (and the couple I have done have been a little spotty at best.) Below are the three that turned out the best; I also tried a book against a backdrop of lit-up pages (which sounds a lot cooler in theory than it actually ended up) but the text was a little odd looking, so I decided to leave it out. 229 more words


On Villa Sa Capella

The municipality of Santa Margalida has three towns. The population figures follow date from 1 January 2005 and don t include the population outside these settlements, hence the sum of the figures does not add up to the total population of the municipality (Source: Instituto Nacional de Estadística (Spain)). 199 more words


Forgotten Buildings

I’ve seen these two buildings many times and have even photographed them before (quite a bit, actually.) I’ve been wanting to do an actual series of them for a while now, so yesterday I loaded up my camera gear and set about photographing them in all of their old rusty and grimy glory. 266 more words


Teaching An Old Dog(house) New Tricks.

The Riverside Astronomical Society has a 22 inch hand made (by club members) Dobsonian that comes out to show the heavens up close and personal. 412 more words

Play And No Work

Iskandar's Stars

Days I have held,

Days I have lost…

– Derek Walcott, ‘Midsummer, Tobago’

ISKANDAR sipped at the warm coffee. The dim lights of the bridge bathed his blue uniform in a soft glow. 1,006 more words


Auriga Llamas Cassiopeia

Welcome to our latest cria Auriga Llamas Cassiopeia born this week to mother Capella and sire: Llama Magic Charlemagne. We love the spots on this pretty girl.