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Iskandar's Stars

Days I have held,

Days I have lost…

- Derek Walcott, ‘Midsummer, Tobago’

ISKANDAR sipped at the warm coffee. The dim lights of the bridge bathed his blue uniform in a soft glow. 1,006 more words


Auriga Llamas Cassiopeia

Welcome to our latest cria Auriga Llamas Cassiopeia born this week to mother Capella and sire: Llama Magic Charlemagne. We love the spots on this pretty girl.


I Heart Staycations

Isn’t it nice to get away from the hustle and bustle of daily life and enjoy some respite once in a while? That’s one of the reasons I love staycations, especially if the hotel is located in an ulu location away from the central area. 336 more words


Luxury travel news: this month in travel

Friday newsletters always feature luxury travel contests, travel tips, travel series, or luxury travel news.

Today (November 28, 2014): November luxury travel news. 1,488 more words


“An Education”

“An Education”

Date of writing : 16/11/2014

The Education department here at HMP Different offers a reasonable variety of courses, but the assertion in a recent edition of the prison newsletter that the sky is “quite literally” the limit, has turned out to be a scandalous exaggeration; indeed, my enquiries about learning to pilot a helicopter have been thus far met with blank stares and bafflement.   1,320 more words

USPS Star Calendar for 16-22 November

16 Nov    The moon rises early tomorrow morning, so dark skies tonight make exploration a little easier. Look high in the west 3 or 4 hours after sunset. 283 more words


Look North in November into the Dragon's Lair

Click image for larger view. Remember: This chart is for about 90 minutes after sunset.  With each passing hour these stars will rotate counter clockwise around the Polaris, the North Star.   389 more words

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