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Jazzy Jazz Shoes (Outdoor)

Every competitive dance team requires something different. Maybe the one you’re interested in joining requires outdoor jazz shoes instead of indoor ones? No problem! My dance team actually required both because we performed both outdoor and indoor, depending on the season and occasion. 234 more words

Underwear for Toes

If you’ve started ballet, modern, or jazz class already, I’m sure you’ve been introduced to the widely known “pirouette”. If not, you’ll be hearing about it pretty soon. 317 more words

Back to Basics: The Final Piece to a Typical Dance Outfit

You’ve got your shirt, you’re got your pants…what more could you need to leave your house? Oh right, shoes! But wait, dance doesn’t really require the use of shoes (unless you’re taking hip hop, ballet, tap..) ..so, um..what else could you need? 302 more words

Back to Basics: Would you leave your house shirtless?

Everyone pretty much has a mutual understanding that there are certain things you just NEED to have in your wardrobe. You gotta have a pair of jeans, basic solid color t-shirts, casual sneakers…yada yada yada. 185 more words