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Federal Reserve Dots, Tantrums And Headfakes

“The Federal Reserve played down forecasts by some of its own policy makers that interest rates might rise faster than they previously predicted…Some expressed concern the rate forecasts ‘could be misconstrued as indicating a move by the committee to a less accommodative reaction function.’”  Meanwhile, after… 927 more words

The Reach For Yield; Emerging Markets: Part “Sleaze-Ridden”, Part “Symbiotic Vendor”

Mohamed A. El-Erian says “the high-consensus trade in financial markets today is to reach for yield… 912 more words

African Development until 2050

It possesses a 2 trillion dollar economy, six (6) out of the current ten (10) fastest growing economies globally, an average of 6 per cent GDP growth over the last decade, 60 per cent of the world’s arable land, growing mobile technology, fashion centre, financial centre, and mining and energy sectors – you guessed it – Africa (or did you – bit obvious from the title – hmmm ?).   795 more words


International Capital Flows

There has been a quite dramatic and worrying collapse in international capital flows in Q4 – likely explaining why the worlds marginal borrowers i.e. emerging markets have been struggling. 51 more words