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Buckle Up

Anyone that has flown as of late knows the ticket inflation that has infiltrated almost every part of the traveling experience. Charges for baggage, change fees, beverage fees, overhead space fees, etc.. 221 more words

Central Banking 101

We all were enthralled with the new Fed Chairwomen Yellens’ speech in New York regarding the future path of Fed policy. She stuck to the script as all Fed Chairs are wont to do, but in response to a question about inflation she remarked that the “odds of deflation are much greater than the odds of inflation”. 205 more words

Points of View: Greek bonds

Points of View: Greek bonds

Last week it was interesting to note that the Greek government has returned to the capital markets for the first time since 2010, raising 3bn Euros in a five-year deal just two years after unnerving global markets by defaulting on its debts.  210 more words

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Putin it to the West

The unfortunate  political and human tragedy in the Ukraine has the potential to cause significant shifts across a number of commodity markets, regardless of whether sanctions are imposed or not. 293 more words

(B)(N) S&P 500 On Life Support

Drama. We don’t know what it is but something has died in the S&P 500 which is the world’s biggest stock market and worth about $16.8 trillion today and the  1,120 more words

Capital Markets

ObamaCare vs. YellenCare

The most recent Fed minutes came out and we were surprised to see the consternation amongst some Fed Members regarding the downward trend in medical costs. 180 more words

Tech stocks may have more room to fall

Even after the recent drop in the Nasdaq, investors are too pumped about technology stocks.

FORTUNE — For tech stocks, growth may no longer be coming at a reasonable price, even after the recent pull-back. 370 more words

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