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A Changing Landscape

As I sit here and write my first official blog post regarding capital markets and life reflections, I thought the title A Changing Landscape  would be appropriate. 665 more words

Capital Markets

(P&I) The Process - Option Pricing

Essay. Although the assumptions don’t deny it, and even make it possible through “frictionless” transactions in any amount, it is not possible to buy the whole company (S) at the strike price (K) with enough call options at the purchase price (C). 3,128 more words

Capital Markets

Who Will Be The Next John Paulson?

What good is a bubble if one cannot short it?

As Gregory Zuckerman tells us, even John Paulson lamented ‘You can’t short a house’, as early as in 2005 as he surveyed the booming real estate market. 730 more words

John Paulson

(P&I) Productivity

Essay. Good companies don’t necessarily get “good” stock prices, and that’s more the rule than it is the exception because the dividend yields of companies that aggressively return earnings – in excess of 36.8% of their earnings – tend to be about 100 basis points… 1,056 more words

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(B)(N) What's A Girl To Do?

Drama. The quarterly strategy report from the Goldman Sachs Group has suggested that if bond rates were to rise, particularly, if the 10-year Treasury Yield were to rise from the current 2.46% to 3% by the end of this year, and maybe 4% in 2017 (which could happen), investors might lighten-up on equities and buy bonds (which actually did happen in 2013, for a short time). 937 more words

Capital Markets

Time to Dance

The recent decision by Credit Suisse to exit their commodities business, marks the latest in a long line of Commercial and Investment Banks that have made the conscious decision to exit their respective commodity businesses. 125 more words