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(B)(N) Money on the Run

Drama. There is more money in the World than there is enterprise to use it and, as a result, the “money-people” are scrambling to turn it over for a better return and higher yield ( 2,124 more words

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Alibaba and the kingdom of sumptuous stock grants

It’s widely acknowledged that Wall Street wrote the book on sumptuous compensation—some would say, outrageous overcompensation. It’s long been a wondrous world where high-ranking people get paid on par with owners and entrepreneurs who risk their own money, and win. 836 more words


Alibaba's IPO: Investors could be getting a bargain

Alibaba’s IPO might turn out to be the rare hot, hyped Wall Street deal that’s also a bargain.

Put another way: Alibaba might be the Amazon of China, but it won’t be the next Facebook of the IPO market. 789 more words


Cult Hero

If you did not read todays op-ed piece in the NYT by Professor Paul Krugman, it is definitely worth the read. In the piece, Professor Krugman questions the credibility of those that would even suggest that the Fed policies of the last few years are laying the ground work for higher inflation. 222 more words

Alibaba's IPO and the hypocrisy in U.S.-China economic relations

The highly anticipated IPO of e-commerce giant Alibaba on September 19 is expected to raise more than $20 billion, a record in U.S. history. It is startling that the company that will set this record is based in China, a country that is challenging American global dominance. 782 more words


Why you should stay away from Alibaba

Alibaba’s most recent IPO prospectus is brimming with fantastic numbers illustrating its power in one of the great markets of the future: Internet commerce in China. 969 more words


Take my currency-Please

While the volatility in Equity and Credit markets over the past year has been quite benign, the volatility in currency markets has really heated up this year, most likely as a response to a perceived shift in Fed policy. 199 more words