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(B)(N) Through The Looking-Glass

Drama. We get a new forecast of the market every day, gratuitously, because we didn’t ask for one, even if they call it “news”. Some say Up, some say Down, and the rest say nothing at all, but the only one that we like is the one that says, “We don’t know, and it doesn’t matter anyway”, which is our forecast. 3,122 more words

Capital Markets

We all live under Sharia Law

You may or may not be familiar with the sharia law governing finance and speculation. Under the Islamic code, interest and speculation is forbidden, but followers may share risk through equity participation in physically based assets. 144 more words

(P&I) The Tanaka Index

Drama. Corporations and investors in Japan are working hard to end their dependence on the government dole, which has long been the mainstay of personal and corporate wealth, and is supported by an… 1,832 more words

Capital Markets

(B)(N) Jurisprudence, Interest & Capital Gains

Drama. The high-rollers like to dish it out, but when the tide turns, they run to Mama (Bloomberg, August 26, 2014, Soros’s Argentine Bond Bet Revealed in Lawsuit in London… 876 more words

Capital Markets

Hitler redux: Should investors fear Vladimir Putin?

Everyone from Prince Charles to Hillary Clinton is making the comparison: Vladimir Putin is the 21st century Adolf Hitler.

The similarities are obvious: both Putin and Hitler annexed neighboring territories on the basis of the ethnicity of their inhabitants, and both leaders used highly charged racial rhetoric to boost support for and benefit politically from those incursions. 499 more words