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This Ariel picture of Downtown Manama is from March 2009, when I went up in a chopper for the first time. The photographs I took then were some of the best I have. 56 more words

Picture Of The Day

Carl Marx “Capital” 

How does one summarize Carl Marx’s “Capital”?  Most people have only read the first book of his trilogy (if they have read anything of Marx at all) and this critique is only on the first volume.  2,751 more words


That winter trip, Delhi.

​Delhi, it was freaking cold and we were making wild memories. The so called unsafe city was by far the best I have ever seen. People didn’t give a damn about what we wore or how loud we laughed. 486 more words

Quito, Ecuador

I’m not much of a fan of cities or city life for that matter, but there was something different about Quito, something magical and whimsical, something that sticks with you for years even when you’ve left the place. 144 more words

Ep. 15 - Jean-François Lyotard, Libidinal Economy

In this episode of Always Already, our brilliant guest co-host, Sid Issar, joins B and John to engage with Lyotard’s affective reading of Marx in his Libidinal Economy. 270 more words