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Incredulity, not docility

An inquiring mind, one that challenges authority, and has a mentoring relationship with teachers


A soft compliant mind.

The Common Core debate is important not simply because of the standards’ immediate effects on pupils, but because it offers us an opportunity to ask the biggest questions about our education system: What should be the guiding ethos of public education in a democratic society?

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Brave New World

American's net worth declines 36% in ten years

One of the arguments I have made for establishing a free country in Puerto Rico is that the United States is heading towards economic collapse.  While economic numbers may on occasion be confusing (if not manipulated) the hard numbers tell a grim tale about where the United States really is heading. 373 more words


Where Do Our Attitudes on Inflation Come From?

“Inflation is bad. Everybody knows that.” There are those words again: “everybody knows.” Any time I hear them, my defenses spring up because this phrase is usually used when the wool is about to be pulled over someone’s eyes. 713 more words


What happens when you make something illegal?

What happens when you make something illegal?  This is a question that few politicians would entertain, and this question’s answer is certainly no politician would publicly discuss.   947 more words


United by Hate

Cheerless tongues lament their
darkness, spinning tales of
sadness below the freezing moon,

Iced hearts sealed in black
pump the slurry from slowed
organ to organ, 71 more words


There Used to Be Magic, Part Two: Business Sigils

This is part two of a (at least) three part poem detailing my views of magic.

There used to be magic,
it didn’t seem so long ago. 196 more words


The first 9/11

I realize this title can render most readers startled or confused. That’s precisely why I have chosen it. And indeed, it is exactly what it purports to be. 861 more words