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Third World City

Somewhere out there, an impoverished kid is starving, an old bearded man is begging, and a young woman shivers against the cold night air. Your parents might say, “How can you waste all this food, don’t you know there are kids in Africa starving right now?” The truth is you don’t need to buy a plane ticket to see what it’s like for people to go hungry. 630 more words

Parental (and paternity) leave is a feminist issue

The Irish Times this week, followed en masse by other papers and mainstream media outlets, breathlessly rushed to report that 2 Irish MEPs were the MEPs with the worst record of attendance at voting sessions of the European Parliament in Strasbourg. 1,317 more words


Should We Still Believe in Santa Claus?

Tis’ the season. You can spot the jolly old image of Saint Nick anywhere now.  He’s been broadcast all over the internet, displayed all over products and advertisements and portrayed by a countless number of men in malls, Christmas parties and that one uncle who always disappears right as its getting close to bed time. 333 more words

Editor's Spotlight

Merry Chri$tma$!!

As the 25th of December approaches, one has to wonder…why do we have to spend so much money during these days?

I remember when I was a boy, the excitement of the celebrations, the gifts, the food, my family members all together sharing our times and listening how the grown ups will tell us their stories of how the past was always better and how the present lacks something…I always thought they were wrong, they can not keep up with modern times, they miss their youth and health or something similar…but I was wrong! 240 more words


Global Power Project: Bilderberg Group and the Tyranny of the Technocrats

Global Power Project: Bilderberg Group and the Tyranny of the Technocrats

By: Andrew Gavin Marshall

19 December 2014

Originally posted at Occupy.com

This is the fifth installment in a series examining the activities and individuals behind the Bilderberg Group. 1,629 more words


The deception of Sen. Warren's "populism"

Over five months ago, I wrote a critique of US Senator Elizabeth Warren, continuing my long line of critiques of her views. [1] This article continues that critique by starting with a speech, that Lambert Strether says “ 3,827 more words



Diarmuid Breatnach

Reading Salvage The Bones, a well-written novel by Jesmyn Ward, all but the last chapters of which are set in Louisiana during days of the impending hurricane Katrina in 2005, I started thinking about looters. 2,328 more words