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Demons of Folk Friday Tune of the Week: Social Panic #4

All over the world, the forces of casino capitalism are invoking austerity measures that produce a kind of social and civil death as they dismantle the historically guaranteed social provisions provided by the welfare state, defining profit-making as the essence of democracy, expanding the role of corporate money in politics, waging an assault on unions, augmenting the military-security state, overseeing widening social inequality, promoting the erosion of civil liberties, and undercutting public faith in the defining institutions of democracy.

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Who is guiding Modi’s economic thinking and what is their background?: Aditya Velivelli

This is a guest post by ADITYA VELIVELLI

The Modi government’s actions over WTO are a case of much ado about nothing. They have pointedly created a false perception over a non-issue so as to appear pro-poor. 2,052 more words


La voz de Latinoamérica en el diseño de los objetivos de desarrollo sustentable

Por Juan Elias Chebly, Coordinator, World We Want 2015. Publicada originalmente en la Revista Humanum,  junio de 2014.

Mientras las naciones del mundo se reúnen para debatir los nuevos objetivos de desarrollo sustentable, y la nueva agenda de desarrollo para los próximos 15 años, muchos se preguntan qué dice Latinoamérica en esta conversación global. 711 more words


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I am not 'glad' you are vegan

By Mira Glavardanov

One of the things that make me cringe is seeing comments (on Facebook) under some horrific post on factory farming, that read: I’m glad I’m vegan. 1,897 more words

On Hitler

Someone unearthed these comments of George Orwell on Hitler, from his review of Mein Kampf in 1940.

Now, some context, since it’s easy to forget: this is one year… 726 more words


Let's start off the year right

Tellin’ the class of 2018 right from the start what we’re all about…