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“The apocalyptic vision of a new Heaven and a new Earth by reason of the apotheosis of the bureaucrat, as a result of which all the troubles which now vex us will pass away.” – John Bell Condliffe


Who Has The Money?

This is a long video but when you have some time; it’s worth a view.


Christmas is here.

Christmas is here, it arrives just after you put on your scariest costume in halloween and then you are all about love and peace for all on thanksgiving. 311 more words

Not a Damn Dime.

I’ve seen a few “what’s the point in not saving money on black Friday? what’s that going to prove?” type of statuses and tweets over the last few days. 660 more words


New Essay At Truthout: A Day With Jesse Jackson and A Look At the Failures of American Capitalism

I recently had the pleasure and honor of spending Jesse Jackson’s birthday with the civil rights leader and his staff.

Following him from event to event at Chicago’s poor public schools, and discussing a wide variety of issues, gave a perfect demonstration of the layers of discrimination and obstruction that exist in American culture. 41 more words

David Masciotra

Death to Black Friday!

There is way too much time and energy being poured into this orgy of meaningless, discounted consumption and nothing is going to change until a lot of folks denounce Black Friday. 27 more words

D. Politics

Data-themed Holiday Gifts from FiveThirtyEight

It’s Black Friday, and maybe you’ve already toughed out your annual shopping brawl or spent a restful and drama-free morning at home, perhaps purchasing gifts online from your cozy couch.

77 more words
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