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KKE on the International Conference of Communist and Workers Parties

Greek communists on the work of the 16th International Meeting of Communist and Workers Parties in Ecuador

The 16th International Meeting of Communist and Workers’ Parties (IMCWP) was held on the 13-15 of November 2014 in Guayaquil, Ecuador, with as its theme: “The role of Communist and Workers’ Parties in the struggle against imperialism and capitalist exploitation – which causes crises and wars and gives rise to fascist and reactionary forces. 1,702 more words


Taking notes 41: Ideological foundations of neoclassical economics: class interests as “economic theory”

by Ismael Hossein-zadeh

There is now a widespread consensus that mainstream/neoclassical economists failed miserably to either predict the coming of the 2008 financial implosion, or provide a reasonable explanation when it actually arrived. 2,905 more words

The Social Darwinism Fraud

It is important to understand the historical transition of the methodology employed by the global elite in their never-ending quest to control the people and resources of planet earth.  898 more words

Dean Henderson

Panel Discussion: Opposing Militarism and Austerity in Canada

Listen to a panel discussion recorded live on CKUT’s community news program Off the Hour that highlights the voices of Montreal activists working to oppose both militarism and war. 145 more words

CKUT Audio

Organizational Notes #34

Who can still doubt that the logic of contemporary western x-buddhism is a redoubling of the logic of western neoliberal capitalism? On one hand, this should not be surprising. 2,129 more words


The RSPCA and cutesy tactics

If I have a criticism of the RSPCA and all the fine work they do, it’s that they do little to discourage people from having pets in the first place. 783 more words