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A Significant Part of the Equation of Our Current Economic Stagnation

I recently posted on Facebook about an article explaining how the current Welfare system actually keeps people in poverty.

The article is at:


I asked friends to take a moment to read this and explained that if they would digest and understand this, they might never vote for a welfare advocating candidate again. 637 more words


What the players want - who can say? | MMO Gypsy

Only on MMO Gypsy, “What the players want – who can say?”

I’m sorry Syl, but whether you like it or not, this post is the single greatest thing you’ve ever produced in my eyes. 1,137 more words


The Case Against Sustainability

Do you recycle? Cool, me too. Do you turn off your lights when you leave the room? Good idea. Do you only buy produce that’s in season? 999 more words


God, George Will is such a simpleton/dickhead

From here:

The argument is between conservatives who say U.S. politics is basically about a condition, liberty, and progressives who say it is about a process, democracy. 66 more words


Ontario's neoliberalism: Coercive, Intense

Do you ever wonder why policing budgets rise in Ontario when the crime rate falls?

At Illuminated By Street Lamps, I argue Ontario has been, and remains, among the jurisdictions at the forefront of a business-friendly neoliberal agenda in Canada, despite rising structural unemployment, major challenges in the core manufacturing sector and a drop to a so-called have-not province within Canada’s federal framework. 118 more words


Why Socalism Does Not Work Work In A Fallen World: My Talk With a Cuban

I had the privilege of praying for a husband and wife who not only recently arrived from Cuba, but who visited the island a week ago. 361 more words


Our Common Recovery

The journey of all “Americans” has been hijacked by the illusion and myth that the United States is a society of people with shared interests and equal opportunities. 567 more words

Human Condition