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Capitalism is just a phase

Theories on captialism, be it critical or affirmative ones, often emphasize the system-character of capitalism, while on the other hand highlighting its transformative impact. Critical theories even go so far to say that capitalism is not sustainable in any way – it did what it did as long as it could, but eventually has to give way to something else. 195 more words


Anxiety and How It Prevents Subversion

Are you on anxiety meds? Do you know people who are? Yeah, there are tons of folks out there who are wallowing in it. How do you survive without community, without a job? 84 more words

An intense proliferation of images characterises our everyday lives – a frenetic babble of advertising pop ups, news photographs, selfies, infographics, pornography, lol cats…
These representations play a significant role in the reproduction of ideological hegemony but rarely receive the level of critique and scrutiny they deserve. 78 more words

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Over the course of the last semester, our Psychology of Women class has spent time exploring the mental health system in an effort to understand and unpack the ways psychology intersects with women’s lives. 157 more words


You don’t spend a trillion dollars on the military for benign reasons

The idea that a country spends as much on its military as the rest of the world and has military personnel deployed in three-quarters of the world’s countries does so for purely defensive reasons is the absurdity it appears to be. 1,924 more words