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Straight through the Heart

Few would disagree that the last couple of weeks have been significant ones in the environmental world. First, on November 12, the United States and China came to an… 318 more words

Environmental Issues

Again and again the Subsidation of History

(edit: I’m seeing conflicting reports as to whether this plan is still going through)

So here’s the situation as I understand it:
Last year the tanzanian government was going to forcefully kick tens of thousands of Maasai herders off of roughly 1,500 square kilometers of Maasai ancestral land to make room for a “wildlife corridor”. 1,511 more words


We don't live in a digital world - the washing machine has changed lives more than the internet.

We do however live in a Capitalist World.

Capitalism is woven into nearly every aspect of our lives, yet it’s rarely subject to substantive conversation. If we’re to move forward as a society, capitalism needs to be up for serious discussion, honest evaluation and, ultimately, systemic change.  2,130 more words

Maldives - A Capitalist's Wet Dream

If you’re on your incognito browser and was expecting something else, please click here.

Maldives is a small, tiny island nation compromising of… 654 more words