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The Big Question: But is it art?

Where does art stop and life start? In the ever expanding concept of art, artists face great scrutiny when their artwork doesn’t fit into the outdated conventional standards of aesthetics and commodity fetishism. 379 more words


Your "Rooting Interest" With Arod

I, dear reader, am not perfect. My mere daily existence is a daily reminder of this fact. But flawed as I may be, I do look for shades of truth, balances of morality, and righteousness without the narcissism. 1,480 more words


The 1% have done what they said was impossible

Those crafty little boogers have proven to the world that they can do what even they said could not be done.

Oxfam recently reported that just 80 people possess the same quantity of wealth as 3.5 billion others.

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In the World, pt. 1

It's been a while since my last post. I apologize for that. Life happens. I may need to step down from daily posting to every 
other day, but I haven't quite made a decision yet. 864 more words

#Feminists come out of the #Communist closet in #Israel

The mid-east or Southwest Asia as military types like to call it; is a confusing place for western observers.  The one place of sanity has always been Israel, with its deep emotional connection to American Christians and western values of free speech, press and religion. 521 more words


On The Quality of One's Character

The notion that a person’s character is assessed by religious beliefs or non-beliefs, or by sexual preferences or domestic living arrangements, or by the color of one’s skin, or by whether one is living in poverty, or by whether a person is in debt, or by one’s political sympathies, or by one’s degree of patriotism, or by a number of other trivial social situations and philosophies; are all notions which are based upon ignorant and antiquated thinking. 114 more words


A Brave New Guardianship For Mom

“I’m trapped in a web of people and lawyers that will exhaust my 50 years of sacrifices and savings,” he wrote. “Please, dear God, grant me strength and wisdom to take care of my wife.” 566 more words