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Hillary Clinton IS Barack Hussein Obama . . . In Her Own Words

In a bit of unintentional comedy, former Secretary of State and presumptive 2016 presidential candidate Hillary Clinton spoke about the supposed dangers of “trickle-down” economics.

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Michigan Just Chose the Wrong Side of History

In case you missed it, the WSJ had a pretty rough editorial yesterday correctly blasting Michigan governor Rick Snyder for caving into the car dealer lobby and banning Tesla from selling cars in the state. 338 more words


Money Is a Modern God...Capitalism Its Religion

Millions of people believe that one religion or another prevents or destroys a person’s ability to thrive and live a fulfilling life. Some of these same people believe that Muslim “extremists” in particular are working to have their religion dominate the world, or that religion in general causes the most conflict and suffering on our planet. 886 more words

Making Sense Of This Confusing World

The killing trees provides opportunity for having sex, racing car and catching Ebola

I had read an article, and one wise man said in this article that:
“Only %10 percent of the people population is living the future mind age on the world. 575 more words


Hillary Proclaims That "Businesses Do Not Create Jobs"

The question remains on the lips of the Democratic faithful,

Who are we going to get to run for President in 2016? We have to make Americans forget about the miserable failure of a president we have in there now!

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Russell Brand and Richard Seymour: a Cromulant Discursive Aporia.

Richard Seymour : “When people say, ‘The system works,’ they mean ‘The system works for me.’ The slags. “

Russell Brand “Have you been out in society recently? 530 more words

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