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21 October 2014

The following essay is a chapter in God Contra Capital, a book-length criticism of the Capitalist religion which I am currently working on.   53,658 more words

Religion And Philosophy

The Sociology of Silky Smooth

When you first think hairless, you think feminine. Then, you instantly think of a silky smooth, sexually sensual Scandinavian supermodel on a Calvin Klein billboard, caressing the cleanly shaved adonis of a male super-athlete. 463 more words

Mikita Brottman Quote.

Brottman, M. (2008). The solitary vice: Against reading. Berkeley: Counterpoint.


Capitalism vs Materialism

Where would you draw the line between capitalism and materialism? Isn’t it the desire for money that breeds the materialism or is it vice versa? I am truly at a loss and I’m hoping my readers can help with an issue I’ve been having. 330 more words


Is marriage a form of prostitution?

This essay will demonstrate that marriage can be viewed as a legal form of prostitution, despite the myths surrounding marriage and sex within marriage. This is mainly due to the obvious economic-sexual transactions that seem to take place within a marriage, which are similar to the transactions that take place between a ‘typical’ prostitute and their client. 1,359 more words


Marxist Mondays: What is Socialism?

In America today, there’s a general misconception about what socialism is. Many people confuse socialism with Keynesian liberalism or stealing from the hardworking, industrious rich and giving to the lazy, undeserving poor. 227 more words