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The National Anthem

In the first episode of Black Mirror, a terrorist kidnaps the princess of England – Princess Susannah – and demands, in return for her safety – that the Prime Minster, Michael Callow, have sex with a pig on live television at 4pm. 1,115 more words

Black Mirror

Surveillance Vs. Pleasure

Neil Postman begins Amusing Ourselves to Death by distinguishing between 1984 and Brave New World. Each book presents a different vision of the dystopian future. 615 more words

Black Mirror

The New Perverse, Permissively Authoritarian Society (Prelude to an Investigation of Black Mirror)

Zizek and the End of the World

A couple of years ago, I introduced Slavoj Zizek at a talk he gave at Toronto City Hall, part of a Nuit Blanche Symposium called, “Until the End of the World.” At the end of his talk, and against those who claim that change is impossible, Zizek made the following remark: “if we let things change the way they  1,095 more words

Black Mirror