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Summoning St. Jude

None heed my bugle call to muster;
There is no energy around.
My motive force is lacking luster;
Can’t get my feet up off the ground. 71 more words


TVO Market Barometer 1/14/15

We’ve been logging steady distribution over the last 3 days (including today), but we have yet to see that last gasp capitulation type selling… Which means that it can get much worse before it gets better. 130 more words

Total Volume Oscillator

The Option of Hope

Time and luck are flows beyond our rule or discipline, but the grief and disappointment left in their wake offer us an option. It is a choice to keep your feet planted in cement until grief congeals into despair or to slowly let disappointment weigh you down into full blown capitulation. 90 more words


UN!! Or How the Great Leader Ruined my Birthday

I don’t have anything new or interesting to offer regarding the pulling of The Interview, but that’s not stopping me from typing words.  That’s right, if Michael Moore can say something funny about it, then I certainly can type a long winded blog piece that rambles a bit then ends abruptly.   1,050 more words


George Clooney: why Sony capitulated to cyberterror attack

EXCLUSIVE: As it begins to dawn on everyone that Sony Pictures was the victim of a cyberterrorist act… 2,448 more words


Interesting times

Interesting times

Every morning I, like you, arise and start the day. We conduct our daily routines and start the trek to work or set about our chores around the house as I do because I’m retired and my avocation is writing on matters political both foreign and domestic. 674 more words

TVO Market Barometer 12/15/14

We had a continuation from Friday’s selloff with what looked like capitulation-like selling until about noon. It’s the most declining volume we’ve had since the last time we’ve had this much volume, which was last Monday… and the Monday before that. 87 more words

Total Volume Oscillator