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THANKS SO MUCH to all the guests, friends and family from far and wide who came to support my first batizado. Your friendship and support means so much to me!!! 15 more words


Capoeira Academies in South Florida

Thinking about experiencing capoeira ? here are the academies you can find in South Florida.

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Forró, capoeira, and Kiting to Bob Marley at Canoa Quebrada!

The name means the broken canoe, and I never got an answer to why it was called that. Some mumbled of a Native Brazilian legend. But the name of this amazing place should be Paradise with a capital P. 388 more words



I’m happy to be hosting my first batizado in Chicago! My mestre, Mestre Paulinho Sabia will be here from Brazil to teach workshops, rodas and much more. 181 more words


Two Month Crunch: P90X3+Les Mills COMBAT+INSANITY

Greetings, (non)athletes! It’s been a while since my latest post, but unlike my last break from my beloved blog, I have not been sitting around eating junk food (well, I might have indulged here and there). 706 more words

A Search for Identity in Movement

In this go around I just wanted to share some reflections I’ve been going through recently regarding this search for identity within the context of the martial arts I practice. ¬† 466 more words

Learning the deadly art of capoeira

Source: The Gaia Health Blog

There are many different forms of martial arts, all originating from different countries and were taught for different reasons. Almost all, if not most, forms of Chinese martial arts, also known as… 716 more words

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