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A Few Photos From Rio

I went through my photo collection from Rio and selected a few of the best photos to display on this blog. When browsing through my photos, I’m always surprised by how many mediocre or plain bad photos I’ve managed to shoot and start wondering whether I was drunk with the camera most of the time or whether I simply have such a bad taste when determining Kodak moments. 140 more words

Things To Do In Rio

Pre-Batizado Workshop (Part 1)

Yesterday, there was an all-day Capoeira workshop.  Mestre Beck and Mestre Joao Cascao came from Portland, Maine, and Mestre Elias came from San Diego.  All three Mestres taught a part of the workshop, and Gafanhoto taught part as well. 771 more words


Vivo nessa dança de capoeira com o eterno, já não sei o que se revela no meu coração tão inconstante. Não obstante, você vem e vai como a maré em noite de lua cheia. 57 more words

Video post: Capoeira Meets Siberian Throat Singing

The Berimbau Calls An Unusual Guest

At the seminar for Mojuba capoeira students held this weekend at the Dance Attic, the berimbau (played by Professor Quebrado) called Ponciano Almeida (Guarini Dance Company) and Nogon Shumarov (Altai Throat singer, Honoured Artist of Russia, playing the topshur) to join the sounds of “Kai” (Altai throat singing) with contemporary dance. 22 more words




by Jill Roth


If you like music, culture and dance, I have found the perfect martial art for you! Capoeira! This is an Afro-Brazilian martial art that was created by the slaves in Brazil. 859 more words

Mindset Self-defense

A Note of Confidence

There are so many things I feel insecure about in this gift life I am living. All those fretful hours make me fear that ‘worrying’ has simply become a habit.

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Capoeira in the Latin Quarter

Paris’ Latin Quarter, after the Bastille Day parade and afternoon celebrations, and yet a couple of hours before people began jockeying in earnest for position near the Eiffel Tower and along bridges for views of the fireworks … 79 more words